In my journey towards success God has been revealing for me jewels that never occurred to my mind. I love the way God seeks first to help us understand the why before helping us make the necessary change. Today I share with you how you can beat laziness and procrastination when it strikes next.

First, we need to understand the strategy behind laziness and procrastination. Each time we are confronted with meaningful tasks our first reaction is always “Do I have to do it now?” Our mind will then convince us that we have a whole day and so we can always procrastinate and do them later (Or so the mind likes to tell us).


Naturally our mind when confronted with a wanting task, it resorts to its comfortable place. For instance sometimes in the past when i had much to do and thought about doing it, instead of getting down to business I would resort to going to sleep as my mind was like ‘I can’t deal’.

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Secondly once you resort to going to your comfortable place, your idle mind will then be enticed by more pleasurable activities that will add no value to your life.

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Pause: Have you guys ever been victims of those youtube videos that say 10 things you never knew about your body etc. I mean once you click one there are 100 others like it and before you know it it’s 7:00 pm and have done nothing with your day? Please comment below if you can relate. That has been my story too.

Okay it is 7:00 pm and you have done nothing, now your consciousness kicks in and the vile thoughts take over. “You are such a lazy person, you will amount to nothing, everyone is doing well and you are stuck here watching youtube videos…..”

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Have you gotten it this far? Have you understood the strategy behind laziness? Your interest in meaningful things was killed, your time stolen and at the end of the day your esteem destroyed. Does that ring a bell?

We need to understand that God is good and all that is good is of Him. Organization and productivity belong to Him. Laziness and procrastination is not of God but of the evil one. In fact the devil’s agenda is clear, to kill, steal and destroy you in all ways (John 10:10).


This is a fact that we need to be conscious of everyday even in the smallest tasks. Laziness and procrastination is one of the ways he traps us and keeps us in a cage. In this cage we go round and round in circles. Wanting to be better and never getting there.


I read an interesting verse the other day.

Proverbs 2:11 Easy-to-Read Version (ERV) “Planning ahead will protect you, and understanding will guard you.”

My mind exploded because I at once understood why I had been stuck in the cage of laziness and procrastination. We have all heard the quote ‘an idle mind is the devil’s workshop’ and thus without planning we become a subject of his treachery and easy targets to take down.

To practically fight laziness and procrastination we MUST HAVE A PLAN OF HOW WE ARE GOING TO ACHIEVE OUR LIFE GOALS, NEW YEAR RESOLUTIONS, 5 YEAR PLANS ……. IN OUR DAILY ROUTINE as the first step. Take your yearly goals for example and in each day see what you can do to help you get closer to them.


For example you may want to be a great public speaker as a New Year resolution. In your day’s to – do list you can say, Read chapter 1 of how to be a great public speaker. Day 2 to –do list can be, to practice on my mother\wife\husband\brother a speech I have made and have her critique me. Your weekly to do list may say, speak boldly at Wednesday’s board meeting and monthly goal maybe to join a group or forum that can help you practice this skill eg. Become a Sunday school teacher.

Concept for procrastination and urgency with torn newspaper head

To break it down and easiest way is to HAVE A TO DO LIST every day. A to do list will put your day into perspective.

Simple tasks like : wash the utensils, make a phone call to mum, take the trash out, Make follow up calls, send an email to John, read chapter 2 of book A………………… will help you have a roadmap you can follow instead of the nothingness that develops in an idle mind.

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At the end of the day there is no better feeling than ticking off done tasks. It’s also another way to re-direct your mind as this now becomes the new fun activity, ticking off done tasks.

This is just the first step, how do you ensure you stay on track? Stay tuned for my next blog post as I will be sharing in depth how to remain focused and achieve your goals.

God bless you all.

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