The people, things, books and experiences we surround ourselves with right now will shape our future.

We are who and what we surround ourselves with.


Though this may seem obvious to us, in reality most of us don’t take this seriously when it is indeed very serious and true.

Think about this, if you are used to a particular habit today with no intent of changing it, 5 ,10,20 years from now you will see the results, good or bad.

Look at these simple examples:

A man or woman used to quitting relationships as they wish. A man or woman who are very comfortable with cheating .10 years from today we can all predict a divorce in their lives, if not adultery.

You cannot start having virtue after marriage. That virtue must be nurtured today if we are to see great results later.

Think of a person who always says they want to open a company in the next 5 years  yet this person comes late to work, never finishes assignments on time, is not a team player ,keeps complaining of work load and much more. With such a trend today we cannot expect such a person in the future to hold a company if they can’t handle the little tasks they have now.

Our life is the sum total of our everyday habits.


Think of a person who watches movies and scrolls through social media day in day out, what fruit is to be born from this act 5 years from today?

‘Garbage in garbage out’


Think of a group of friends who tell a husband or wife, having a mistress or ‘mpango wa kando’ is the new thing in town? With such group of friends 5 years from now, wouldn’t we expect a broken home?

‘Proverbs 13:20 He who walks with wise men will be wise, but the companion of fools will suffer harm.’

Think of a person who lives beyond their means today just to keep up the ‘Am doing well outlook to friends’. Everyone regards them as wealthy and doing pretty well when to survive they have taken all manner of debts. What will become of such a person in 10 years? Have you seen people in their 60’s who are struggling to survive, pay rent, and even put food on their table? It is all because of not making the right financial decisions in their youth.

What is my point? If you want more, you must become more. Ask yourself, who would i like to be in the next 5 years? What do I have to do to be that person? Upon answering this questions, do what you have to do to be that person, not in a year’s or month’s time but on a daily basis.

If you want more, you must become more.


The first step is ask yourselves honestly “Who have I surrounded myself with, which books am I reading today? Which bad habits should I think of getting rid of? What experiences and circumstances am I allowing into my life? What legacy do I want to leave at my work place, marriage, friendships, Church, society? Am I working towards it?”

Do you have your answer? You know what to do next.

God bless you all.

Picture credit:Google images.



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