My little sister recently shared with me how much she felt like she was living life yet not living at the same time. She was struggling to explain this concept to me and I understood her clearly. I asked her “Do you mean like you are a zombie?” You should have seen her eyes brighten up and say “yes, yes, yes”. She was so glad to know someone finally understood what she meant and that she was not crazy.


I laughed to myself because this is something I knew so well and even had written about in my blog a while back The walking dead among us. My little sister went on to explain how when she was not being a zombie, she was either living in the past or the future and never really in the present.

I listened to her silently understanding the dilemma that faces most of us daily. How many of us are always thinking of the future like…

I will be happier if I get married. I will be happier with a salary increase. I will be a much better friend if my friend changes. I will lose some weight toward my wedding. I will be a better person once I read that book. If only I had a child I would make a better wife. If only I had a job I would not be this depressed…….i could go on and on.

Or remain prisoners of the past like…….

If only I had been a better girlfriend he would not have left. If only I had not resigned that day maybe I would be in a better place today. If only I had known Jesus Christ earlier I would have made better life decisions. If only I had read harder I would have gotten a better job than this. The list goes on and on.

Let’s pause for a minute. What then happens to the PRESENT MOMENTS of our life every day?


Did you notice the smile you received today from that lady at the shop? Did you notice that person who was in need of your help? Did you notice being saved from that horrible accident? Did you notice the beautiful morning sun as you went to work? Did you enjoy the conversation with your mother today? Did you notice your small baby make you breakfast this morning to make you smile or were you in such a rush to get to work? Did you notice your child calling out for help when she said ‘I feel depressed’?

I speak of great tragedies in life in my blog and this I must say is one of them. As humans we have allowed our past and future worries to rob us of our present moments. We never notice their beauty or sadness.


Having been a victim of this tragedy I listened to a preacher share on the same recently. What a deep revelation I received on that day. It is the same revelation I shared with my little sister.

If we are to emulate anyone in this life as Christians it definitely is Jesus Christ. He had life figured out. On that day the preacher shared with us how Jesus Christ never missed His present moments on earth.

You can imagine if there was a man who was busy and on a strict mission it was Him. If you ask me He shouldn’t have allowed any form of distraction that would waste His time and mission while on earth.

Yet even in His distractions He was very much present in those moments and with the people who had caused them.

We all remember the lady who had an issue of blood for 12 years. (Luke 8:43-48).Her act of touching the hem of Jesus’s garment made Jesus Christ stop His mission to address the issue. While Jesus was meant to keep focusing on His future goal on earth. He stopped to experience the present distraction.


Jesus Christ had time to experience His present moment in that time. We all know He could have chosen to ignore it and forge forward. Yet He chose not to let this beautiful moment of faith pass Him by.

Think about it how many beautiful present moments have we let pass by?


This revelation sat deeply in my heart that day. The God of this universe was all too eager while on earth to experience His present moments. What beauty must there be in them that we are missing while we chase a past and a future that we have no control over?


When the past or future seeks to rob your present moments, remind it that God who is bigger than them is in control of your future and has forgiven your past (If you are born again). I pray this revelation blesses you all today.

Pictures:Moments of life we often miss.

Picture credit:Google images.




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