“Oh how I love Jesus oh how I love Jesus oh how I love Jesus because He first loved me.”

Don’t you love how Jesus Christ is with us always and so lovingly allows us to experience His manifest presence in our lives? These are the most precious moments for me and often look forward to them with a lot of excitement. Today I share a few of the moments that I have had with Him.


The first time I encountered Jesus Christ was a peculiar time. I say this because I was very young around 10 years and I had never had the message of salvation before. Moreover no one in our family was born again. In this encounter we were like in a church and everyone was in white robes. My mind immediately told me we were in heaven. Jesus Christ was walking along the path greeting people and calling their names. When He reached our row my heart kind of skipped a beat as I wondered if He would call my name. He paused and called my name “Ruth Mwongeli” with a smile and moved to the next row. I cannot explain the joy that filled my heart .

I was like ‘He knows my name, Jesus Christ knows my name!’

This encounter went to prove to me that Jesus Christ is after every single soul Christian or not.


The next time I encountered Jesus Christ was while in University. This time I was a new believer and had just given my life to Him recently. We were in a large hall, like an ancient temple. As I stood there darkness came in like a flood. I mean this literally. It was like a thick darkness that entered the hall like a flood. Instantly my heart got afraid. I honestly had nowhere to run. A man, a very huge man, bigger than normal human beings and almost the size of the temple roof appeared and took me up in His arms. I instantly was transformed to a baby and felt safe. Is it just me but when I am with God or in His presence, I am never a grown up but always a child. Do you guys experience the same?


I was in for a great surprise one night during a prayer meeting in Church. When the altar call was made I went forward eager to encounter the Holy Spirit. As our Bishop prayed for us I kept repeating “Thank you God, Thank you Jesus” with my eyes shut. I turned to my right with my eyes closed. Lo and behold there stood Jesus Christ Himself. He had the most handsome smile and kept smiling the whole time. He didn’t tell me anything but smiled at me, then took my right hand and lifted it up toward heaven, I believe saying thank you to Papa God. I was so amazed seeing Him I honestly just looked at Him no longer praying. After that He stood before me touched my lifted hands and my forehead. The next time I saw Him He was to my left, going around touching people’s foreheads and still smiling so brightly. Wow, I forgot to ask the million questions I always have! As in He is just so glorious to even think of anything else.


One night we were afraid with my twin sister that the night would see us hurt by people who we believed had real intent to kill us or harm us badly. On this night we closed the bedroom door and held hands as we cried, afraid of what would happen. As we sat there, a blanket of love engulfed us. It was invisible but felt it as real as the clothes I am wearing. It felt like a covering of love that assured us everything would be alright. What an amazing feeling it was.

Open our eyes that we may see Lord Jesus, the wonderful angels that protect us each and every single moment of our lives.

The next moment for me was one that terrified me the most. A few years back, the bus that I was in got hijacked.

My heart was surprisingly calm but I remember praying to God “Please Lord, let them take everything but don’t allow them to touch us women.”

That for me was my greatest fear. After being terrorized and taken rounds in the dead of night we were left at an abandoned area to find our way home. It was around 12 am in the morning. After reporting to the police station we head home. I kept wondering how I would get home as there was quite a stretch and our area is not safe in the dead of night.


I was dropped at my stage at 1 am.I have never prayed like that day. As I was walking two men appeared before me. My heart sunk and as we came close I remember saying “The moment of truth has come” You can imagine the worst case scenario. But when we came face to face, these men passed me as if they had not seen me, literally. I almost fainted as I walked fast thinking they would turn and see me. I knew in that moment they had seen me walking with two men, Jesus Christ and my angel.

The gate was obviously closed. I decided to sleep in the bush next to our building to avoid drawing attention to myself by standing at the gate. I was just grateful to have got home safe. I preferred the snakes that would be crawling on the grass than the thieves of the night. Fortunately Jesus Christ would not hear of it and while I sat on the grass quietly, He told my twin sister (who together with my parents were about to leave to go search for me as i had never been this late before) to go downstairs and open the gate for me.

How lovingly God cares for us all and our present help in times of need.

Sometimes I am overcome with grief for various reasons and this one time I felt really aggrieved. That day Jesus Christ didn’t want me to cry and appeared at the edge of my bed and let me rest my crying head on His lap.


I saw Him silence me and imprint the words of

Psalms 100:4 “Enter His gates with thanksgiving, go into his courts with praise” in my heart. That turned into a praise and worship session.

Do you see it? Our Lord Jesus Christ is forever with us and always part of our life. He is ready to reveal Himself to us if we receive His gift of salvation for us on the cross of Christ. A relationship with Jesus Christ is not beautiful but the most beautiful experience you will ever encounter. Say yes to Him today.

What are some of the encounters you have had with Jesus Christ and what was it like? God bless you all.

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  1. Reblogged this on Jesus- King in Exile and commented:
    Sister, thank you Sooooooooo much for sharing these experiences with us!!! What an encouragement for all of us! My devotional card I just pulled this morning after reading your blog post is from “Jesus Calling” and said: “No one will be able to stand up against you all the days of your life. As I was with Moses, so I will be with you; I will never leave you nor forsake you.” Joshua 1:5

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  2. Oh how wonderful and glorious and ecstatic that this post served as a remainder of God always being with us.I am truly humbled to have been used this way,while i was just remembering God’s amazing encounters.Lisa isn’t it so wonderful to know that literally God never leaves or forsakes us and is always with us each second?I truly have never gotten over this.What an amazing God we serve.May we never forget His goodness and presence as long as we live.God bless you dear Sister Lisa.

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    1. Amen, sister.. He is such a HUMBLE down-to-earth Creator , Lord and King! What is man that He is so mindful of us.. yet He truly IS! While I was heading to work last week.. and experiencing lots of work stress lately due , I was praying to our Lord about it, and I heard deep within me Him say, “I go with you”. and that truly touched me so much.. that He would even go out of His way to speak to me, and then even go WITH me!
      Sis., He does go out of His way to visit His Body scattered everywhere throughout this Earth.. Even if He doesn’t appear physically to different ones, He will still be there with them , often without them being aware.. He doesn’t leave any of us. My pastor often says, “He who lived a solitary life on this Earth , often with only the Father and the Holy Spirit with Him when others abandoned Him, is true to His promise that He will never leave us , even to the end of the Age.. hugs, dear sis!
      love, lisa

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