Have you heard these phrases before “Amy, has not arrived yet? What’s surprising about that? We all know she never keeps time.” or “Martin, is a talker but never does anything he says.” “Never ever give Bright money, he never returns.” or in a more positive light “They are never a minute late, they always arrive earlier or on time.” “George is a man of his word. I trust what he tells me.” Are some of these phrases among others familiar to your ears? I know they are to me.It’s interesting how your habits become the character people know you by.

I remember when Jesus asked His disciples “WHO DO PEOPLE SAY I AM?” (Matthew 16:13).The answers that were given by the disciples were  based on the character of Jesus and to break it down further, the daily habits that He had adopted in His life that people came to know him by. These habits became his reputation among the people. If Jesus had adopted other habits we all know the answers could have been different.


The habits that we have adopted and live by, become so routine to us we do not even realize it. I remember a while back if you asked anyone who knows me, they would say “Ruthie hardly picks up calls or she is the type of person who cancels meetings or dates last minute”.

At first I seemed to say this is who I am and people should accept me as I am, however when I began working toward success, I learned these habits are not permanent and are based on my own choice to act as I did. I was honestly surprised to know how religious and stubborn I was in these bad habits.

What are some of the bad habits that you have come to accept are part of you?

Early in this year I stumbled upon this quote:


The first time I read this quote I was astounded .I mean it hit me hard. I want success yet I was doing the same things that I had done all my life.

This one quote was the wakeup call I needed. Enough with the excuses, enough with the bad habits. It was time for me to change. I wrote down each bad habit that was evident to me in my daily life. Trust me my list was not pretty. After jotting them down, I then purposed to replace my bad habits  with good ones on a daily basis. It has been challenging but you know what they say:




An example is, remember how I was bad with getting back and keeping social appointments? Each morning for 15 minutes I follow up on each call that I may have missed or anything that needs follow up, while for each meeting social and official I set a reminder a day early to ensure I don’t make up any excuses as to why I cannot make it.

You know many of us including myself always think that one day we will become a CEO. Most of us think that one day we will wake up and find ourselves there. However this is a lie that will keep us from attaining success of any kind. Success is a continual daily process that is evidenced in our daily routine. This is what will ensure we become that CEO eventually.

Unfortunately our reputation that is the habits that we have adopted precede us in all situations of life. The bosses in your office know who is the most hardworking and is likely to be promoted. All people in school know that guy who is a player, most might have never even seen that person. People in the legal profession know that lawyer who is a crook and corrupt to the bone and so do they know the lawyer who is full of integrity.


Many people think highly of themselves and their way of life but I would like to challenge you, dare to ask Jesus’s question to some of your friends “Who do people say that I am?” You will be surprised how well your habits have formed your reputation.

What reputation do you want people to have of you? What legacy do you want to live behind? Well whatever it is, it means you must change a daily habit that you have to get there.


 today is a beautiful day to start. God bless you all.

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