It’s that time of the year again. The lovers’ day. In a few hours the town will be painted red and couples arm in arm, will be spotted everywhere. It is such a warm scene to behold, being that am a love fanatic and all.

I remember one time while in the supermarket I saw a young man stand at the lover’s shelf wondering what to get for the love of his life. I looked with teary eyes and said the cliché “Awwwwwwww, some girl is going to smile today. Lucky her” before going on with my business. I always say it is the thought that counts never really the gift.

Who is your sweet valentine this year?

All my life (Since I began to date) I looked forward to this day with such GREAT EXPECTATION. Nobody ever told me that my great expectations would work against me almost all the time. Most times I ended up being disappointed and remaining sad on the day I wanted to be the happiest. That does not mean I did not have great days.

I have come to learn however that the expression of love is an everyday thing. It cannot be equated to the high unrealistic expectations that we set for an unsuspecting lover each 14th February. Most of the times the expectations revolve around ‘MY,I, ME’ a selfish “glorify me this day“which beats the purpose of sharing love selflessly.

As this Valentine’s Day rolls up, I am completely surprised at how calm and relaxed I am about the day. For once I am expecting nothing and will just enjoy my day appreciating each and every person who has made a difference in my life. As I write this I think of my loving family who have always loved me regardless and without any expectations for a return of the same. They truly are the sweetest valentines.

I still love Valentine’s Day and as a bonus let me share my best valentine experience.



It happened on a Sunny Saturday afternoon. The day did not hint anything special. If I am not wrong I had just finished washing my clothes and was watching a movie.

 I got a call from a friend of my then love and was told he was very sick and so they wanted to take him to the hospital. He told me that my then love had requested I go to his place so that we would all go to the hospital together.

At this point my mind was on overdrive wondering what had happened to him. I called his mother to inform her he was not well however and ironically she did not pick up as her line was busy,making me even more worried.

I don’t remember getting ready that day I just left as I was to go to his place. On arriving, his friend told me that he was lying in bed as he waited we go to the hospital.

I entered the room and kneeled by the side of the bed and uncovered the beddings to see him.

To my amazement the bed had been filled with clothes to give the illusion of a person sleeping but the main surprise was the roses and red teddy bear beneath the covers and the message “happy valentine”. It’s at that moment that my then love appeared shouting “surprise, happy valentine!” with the hugest smile. It was a very pleasant surprise considering it was just 13th February.

That said, allow me to pray you all a lovely valentine’s day. May it be filled with pleasant memories of selfless love to carry with you for life.





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