When we look at the problems we face,everyday we sometimes can easily say, “Do i really have anything to be grateful for?”

As I continue to journalize what I am thankful for each day, the following truths have stuck out true and constant. We can never lack anything to be thankful for no matter how bad our situations seem to be.

Here are a couple of things that never lack in any day in my thankful notebook:

1.Thank you God for the gift of your Son Jesus Christ, who is our hope and aspiration every day.

2.Thank you God for the gift of life.


3.Thank you for the opportunity to be part of your new day.

4.Thank you for the gift of health.

5.Thank you for your mercies that are new this morning.

6.Thank you for your great love.

7.Thank you for your grace that sustains us.

8.Thank you for your protection throughout the day.

9.Thank you for you for supplying all my needs today.

I am amazed how I did not know how much God does for me in my everyday life even the most mundane of them.

How truly great our Father in Heaven is that He would offer us these gifts each morning if we awake.

What does your thankful list look like? God bless you all.


Picture credit:My actual thanksgiving notebook.



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