The reason for this season and ‘ALL’ others

This remains to be the only truth.Merry Christmas and a Happy New Year to all.God bless you all.


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Merry-Christmas-ImagesLet me start by praying all of you a very very very merry Christmas.It remains to be my best season of the year. On that calm night, Mary and Joseph welcomed into this world a child. To the onlookers it was just a normal day and probably pitied Mary for bearing her child in a manjor. “How sad and poor this couple must be” they thought to themselves. Yet in that quiet night laced with uttermost simplicity the savior and king of the whole world was born, the reason we are celebrating this season.

Like any man had, Jesus Christ, the Son of God walked this earth with mere mortals. His every way oozed simplicity, meekness, gentleness, patience, kindness, mercy, peace, goodness, selflessness and greatest of them all being his ultimate act of love on the cross. I can almost bet no one on earth knew the meaning of this…

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3 thoughts on “The reason for this season and ‘ALL’ others

  1. Amen Sis.. His simplicity also really struck me the other day looking at a lifesize manger scene .. He truly did empty Himself from day one on this Earth.. in fact, even BEFORE He was born..
    Have a beautiful Christmas with our Lord Jesus
    hugs, lisa

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      1. Thanks Sis! I definitely did! I asked Jesus to be with me while going to my sister’s home for their Christmas party.., and He truly was with me.. I felt His presence, and I think their two dogs even felt our Lord with me.., because they kept on coming up to me so that I would hug and pet! I felt all this Divine warmth from our Lord for them.. They definitely are sensitive to the Holy Spirit through us! Hugs., lisa..


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