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A while back in the month of September 2016 we were inspired to start a new journey by our dear Lord God. Many people say that by virtue of some life changing experience like a doctor’s visit, they decided to go on a weight loss journey.

Well for us this was not the case. We have always embraced our bodies, well most of the time. That day it was more of a seed planted in our hearts and God’s grace to begin. It was a subtle conviction in the depths of our hearts that led us to know that this is what God desired for us at this time. It came with a peace and grace that I cannot explain. (Trust me I have tried before and even gave up. This was bigger than us).

The first time I heard someone go on a weight loss journey prompted by God was from Todd white. It fascinated me because I did not see how losing weight was important, as God looks at the heart not body. Shock on us when He came knocking on the doors of our heart’s with this beautiful conviction based on an inner desire that we never had courage to pursue, while He did.

You need to understand that the conviction was not based on becoming trim and lean so as to ascribe to the standards of the world of what beautiful is, but a journey that would take us through various lessons that our Lord God wants us to learn before going to the next stage of our lives in His purpose.

Look, I have just begun this journey and I am nowhere where I want to be. I have a long way to go and glad that I have begun this journey by God’s grace.

DISCLAIMER: I am not a medical professional or qualified to give such advice, I am using my own life experiences to share with you what I have learnt.

The following are some of the lessons and facts that will help you as you begin your journey and help you maintain your desired weight.


I Corinthians 3:16 “Do you not know that you yourselves are God’s temple, and that God’s Spirit dwells in you?”

This verse has always been used when someone is talking about sex but there is so much more to it. Our bodies are not ours but belong to God. We are the managers and God expects us to maintain them well for His purpose in our life.

Let me give you an example, if you gave me your car today, you remain the owner and I am just a custodian while I have it. One of your expectations when I return your car would be to maintain it in good shape for the purpose of driving it from point A to B. If I return the car to you and you realize i have spoiled it, it means you would no longer use it for the purpose it was created for.

Similarly, the Lord God also needs our bodies to do His work on earth, through us and thus if we adopt unhealthy eating habits and lifestyles it means we will cut our lives short before He is through doing His work. We need to remain fit and keep God’s house clean and fit for His work. It means we cannot be careless with our health lifestyle.

Some men and women in the service of God have been convicted about this by God at some point and been required to make the necessary change to be effective for longer in God’s Ministry. Examples in point and please check them out are TODD WHITE and JOYCE MEYER.


2 Corinthians 2:11 “…in order that Satan should not outwit us. For we are not unaware of his schemes.”


The Word of our Lord Jesus says we should not be ignorant of the enemies’ schemes. Food is one of those schemes. The devil deceives men through the pride of life, the lust of the flesh and the lust of the eyes. Food is something our eyes sees, desires and our flesh lusts after.

Too much of anything is poisonous and He knows if He gets you to ascribe to an unhealthy lifestyle it means you will die earlier due to life style diseases and most probably will not even have strength to run around and do God’s work because of your weight.

Let’s not be fooled people, we are at war. The devil is well aware of God’s intention with your body and he will oppose all intentions to live healthy. Ask yourself why does a pizza look better and more appealing than vegetables? Don’t be ignorant of this device against you by the evil one.

Before you begin please put this journey before God in prayer and ask Him to work with you so that you may succeed. Without His grace and support I honestly believe I will not see the end. Ask our dear Father for grace as you take on this journey which is both spiritual and physical.


Hosea 4:6 “My people are destroyed for lack of knowledge…”


The first way to begin strong is to research on this topic. All my life I had tried one or two diets but they never seemed to work. I didn’t understand why. See the mistake I did was just to start without knowledge of how to do it and being victim of fast methods of losing weight. As you suspect I was not really successful.

Get to know what clean eating is? How effective cardio and strength are? what your body type is? What are the best exercises for your body type? What foods affect your body the most? You will learn as I came to learn that we have different body types:

a) Ectomorphs are Lean and long and have difficulty building muscle.

b) Endomorphs are Big with high body fat, often pear-shaped. Endomorphs have a high tendency to store body fat.

c) Mesomorphs are Muscular and well-built. Mesomorphs have a high metabolism and responsive muscle cells.

I am an endomorph. You can imagine my shock when I came to learn all I was eating was my enemy. I would eat 80% of bad starch like white bread and wonder why I keep adding weight. I did not know that endomorphs gain weight the fastest and are highly sensitive to starch.

For me it does not require much to gain weight. Just a packet of biscuits for one week is enough to ensure I pack on a kg or 2 at the end of it.

You will also come to learn that a 65kg Endomorph and a 65kg mesomorph or ectomorph look different. The endomorph will look bigger than the other 2types. This means as much as I will lose weight I will never look like a run way model due to my body type. I have come to make peace with this.



Most people are not able to keep their weight off because they want quick and easy ways to lose weight. Once they get that flat tummy they stop and go back to the bad eating habits. What do you expect?

The faster you lose it the faster you will gain it all back. Instead choose to make a lifestyle change all together. Don’t take any shortcuts. Don’t juice, don’t take pills, don’t throw up your food or starve yourself. Short cuts offer temporary solutions.

Put in the hard work. Work hard. Enjoy the process. Eat your food but the right type of food. Enjoy the journey. LOOK AT THE BIGGER PICTURE, it is not just about being slim and fitting in your tight dress but living a healthier more fulfilling life.


“You can out eat a bad workout but you cannot out exercise a bad diet”

Just gym it trainers.


This is the hardcore truth. If your food is not right please don’t waste your time in the gym, seriously!

Look at this example, you eat a muffin containing 800 calories then go to the gym and do say cardio that will burn around 400 calories (And this is a lot).At the end of work out, you still have an extra 400 calories which you have not burnt. You get out of the gym proud to have done the work out, go reward yourself with a bag of fries, hence replacing all the calories that you have worked in that last hour to remove.

Exercise is truly good but it works hand in hand with a good diet otherwise you sweating too much for nothing. I hope you see the logic.

You can lose weight just by eating right. In the first month I said I want to prove this theory. So I removed all mandazis, bread, white rice, sodas, sugar and replaced them with healthier options like sweet potatoes, eggs, avocado, oats. My partner in the journey also changed the food as i but also added cardio workout.

At the end of the month I had lost 2kgs and my partner 3kgs.Even better Kalekye mumo and others, lost 40 kilograms by eating the right type of foods and portions without going to the gym.



Clean eating is basically eating the right type of foods such as vegetables, fruits, seeds, good fats, good proteins and complex carbs. Simply, anything that is not processed or is in a can or bottle. These are crisps, sodas, pastries, you name it.

As for carbohydrates it is advisable to eat complex carbohydrates (Sweet potatoes, oats) that are high in fiber and harder to break down as compared to refined carbohydrates that are absorbed even before reaching the stomach.

Eating clean means that you have to make a personal commitment to make your own food and saying no to the wrong types of food.

Don’t worry about not being full or eating like a pigeon. As long as you eat clean you can eat enough to be full with an assurance of not packing on extra weight that you do not need.


Some of us are however more focused on losing weight first and hence the need to serve their food in smaller portions to achieve their required weight loss goals. What is the logic of reducing food portions?

The body requires a particular amount of calories to sustain it in a day (You can check this online using your weight and height).The point thus is to give the body a deficient of that amount if your goal is to lose weight.

For instance if your body requires 1500 calories a day, give it 1200.This will trigger your body to use its reserves which is the stored fat to account for the deficient amount.

Unfortunately people add weight because they eat more than their bodies’ need, say 3000 calories a day when body only needs 1500 calories. Ask yourself, where do all the extra calories go?

Lastly DO NOT STARTVE YOURSELF. This works against you as body goes on starvation mode holding on to everything you eat, thus not losing weight at all. As ironic as this sounds you need to eat to lose weight.



First the best exercise is what works for you best. If you do a work out that you do not like you will not make it till the end. Do what you love, if it’s swimming or running. Get a work out that is realistic, you enjoy and that you can commit to.

I hate jumping up and down honestly and my right knee joint hurts a lot when I do, I prefer to jog and lift weights. Please, do you.

A combination of the right food, strength and cardio workouts is quite effective. One who does all three will lose the most amount of weight.

Go a step further and learn what exercise is best suited for your body type. As an endomorph my body is mostly made out of fat and strength training has been highly recommended so as to help my body build muscle to replace the huge amount of fat that makes up my body. A mesomorph’s body is mostly made out of muscle and so the best workout maybe more of cardio and less of the strength training, depending on what one wants.



Why do you want to lose weight or go on this journey? Like seriously? What is your vision for this journey? Is it to fit into a tiny dress? Is it because you don’t want your husband or wife to find a slimmer person? Is it because your wedding is coming up? What is your reason?

First you need to be fine, content and happy with who you are as a person and how God created you. This journey should not be used as a validation tool for what you are worth. You are valuable, worthy, beautiful and loved to bits by God, just as you are. This journey will not add or take this fact away from you.

When you go on this journey for the wrong reasons, I guarantee you it will not last. For this to be a lifelong experience one must truly desire it and be deliberate about making their life better, not for people or events but for God, yourself and your health. You will find such a desire will be great fuel for the journey ahead, as it is pure and genuine.



Most people will attempt this for a month or two and give up as they slide back to their old ways. These people then say “It didn’t work for me!”

Without consistency in any area of life one cannot succeed at anything. Listen to weight loss stories. People talk of the number of years it took them to reach their desired weight, yet they never gave up.

Even as you ascribe to consistency remember to be patient. Good things don’t come easy. They take time.

The first days I kept checking myself in the mirror and being disappointed as I was the same. Sometimes I said I don’t want to continue. Fortunately this time I had set my mind on it fully and God’s grace carries me every day.

A few months down the line I am not where I want to be but I truly feel and can see some changes that motivate me to keep going forward. By the way am more energetic, faster and more alert mentally.



When you begin the only thing in your mind is losing weight but as the process continues you come to learn that God takes us on journeys to learn something as He molds us, before moving to the next stage.

Just like the national examinations, you cannot move to the next level without passing the one you are in.

I have learnt I am not a patient person and that I lack self-discipline like eating just because or out of boredom. As I push forward with the journey and saying no to things I loved so much such as soda and pastries, I gain more self-control and power over my body and desires which always want to be king over me. To get or attain success you must and need to be disciplined and patient.

As you go on this journey, OPEN YOUR EYES and see what our Lord God wants you to learn and what it means for your life and your purpose.

Many have gone on to open great successful business empires based on being obedient to the call and taking that first step.

God bless you all.

Picture credit: wordpress.com, pinterest.com, the-nutrition.com, ironsidefitness.com, livestrong.com,googleplus,quotesgram.com,paleopowercouple.com




  1. Great article! I love the fact that actually someone goes out and talks about tips that actually work! I especially like tip 6 and 7 because I think nutrition and exercise are the most important part when trying to lose weight.

    I would just like to tell you guys a little bit about my story because I thought that it might help a lot of you to motivate you!

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    For those of you who want to take a look at it, here’s the review article: http://www.muscleandhealthreview.com/best-program-for-fast-weight-loss/

    I hope this helps some of you! 🙂

    Liked by 1 person

    1. Thank you Amanda for contributing to this important topic of health and you can be sure it is indeed very helpful.As a beginner,i am open to more suggestions and ways of how to keep going strong.I will definately check out the review article.God bless you Amanda and may we keep going strong.


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