When I heard, I at first received it as any other news.

I mean I heard what they said but I chose not to listen.

It couldn’t be. How could it?

In my mind I was convinced I would receive news contrary to the facts before me later on.

And so I chose to wait.

To wait for the good news, that you are well and we will catch up soon, as we laugh about it all.

I waited and waited and waited!

Waiting to hear that you are back.

When evening came and still heard no news of your return, my heart sunk.

That’s when reality hit me “You are never coming back”.

I refuse to accept you are gone, I mean how can i?

Do you mean one can actually be here now and be gone the next second?

That quick? That sudden?

Surely how quickly life fades, how vain it looks in this context.

I am looking at your picture and i see you.

Your bright smile remains engraved in my mind.

I hear your last words  to us when we last met “Ruthie and Naomi” loud and clear in my ear.

The last memory of you is a happy, smiling Cliff as you walk away.

You are so real to me.How can i believe you are gone?

The worst thing Cliff is none of us can call you, text, whatsapp, skype, email, viber, you where you are.

It’s at this point i realize how futile these things are if they can’t help us reach you.

Cliff we would only like to know one thing, are you well? Only that Cliff and we shall let you enjoy your new life.

Death is such a cruel thing.

I surely cannot wait to see death go up in flames the last day in the lake of fire. I will surely shout the loudest “Where, O death, is your victory? Where, O death, is your sting?” (1 Corinthians 15:55). For then death will have no power to take any of our loved ones anymore.

As the simple and profound moments that we ever shared in this life flash before my eyes,I can only say “Thank you for having shared even the smallest part of your life with us. You shall truly be missed. Till we meet again dear friend.

Good bye Cliff Augo.


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