The greatest tragedy is that despite One loving us so very deeply that He died for us, we still ignore and shun the same One who will never leave us or stop loving us even in our death.

We go around the world seeking true love from each other and hoping that we shall find one among us who will love us unconditionally and never betray us.

Again I repeat what tragedy it is that the One who already proclaimed His undying love for us (Literally) is the only One that we don’t seek in that pursuit.

To desire a true love each day yet to already have One who is loyal and Faithful to us even in our unfaithfulness.

What is it that makes us short sighted to the One who is love? Is it a lack of understanding? Is it a lack of belief that He actually did it ‘PERSONALLY’ for you and I?

Yet all in all His love remains both now and forever more.

Will you say yes to His Act of undying love on the Cross of Calvary, for you?

He is the ONE you have been looking for all along.

“We adore you, O Jesus Christ, and we bless you.

Because by your holy cross you have redeemed the world.

This is for me.  That I might be free.  That I might have eternal life.”

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