I wish I never grew up!


I wish I never grew up!Yep you heard me.

As a child, all I ever wanted was to be grown up. I couldn’t wait to be a grown woman. It seemed being grown up was a thing to be desired and looked forward for. For sure being grown up was #life goals.

Maybe it was their intelligence, their ability to take on responsibility. Maybe it was their grown way of thinking. Maybe it was their way of doing things. This was admirable to me and I thought one day I would put behind my childish attitudes and ways. There was no better human for me than a grown up.

Now that I am grown, I highly regret joining the grown up community. I have not encountered a more devious, cut throat, selfish, unruly, and full of hate bunch as this one. Trust grown-ups to complicate life. This includes the simplest of things. On a lighter note grown –ups are very serious and do not like to play. Am I the only one who still loves playing?

When we were small they taught us to be kind but they hardly are. They told us to remain peaceful with our siblings but they are the first to declare world war, they said love one another but they spread hate both at home and the work place, you can bet the streets are not spared. They will do anything and at all costs as long as it benefits them. I have truly seen more silliness among the grown-ups that I have with small children.

As I write this I acknowledge not all grown-ups are like this at all. I am one and I am guilty of some of this things too.

In the recent times, i have found myself desiring to be in the company of small children more than that of grown-ups. At parties or gatherings I will automatically volunteer to go to the playground with the children. One would think me silly playing in the sand with them, yet this are the small things I long for. SIMPLICITY. UNCOMPLICATED. HONEST. AUTHENTIC. Who knew once grown I would miss the very thing that I looked forwarded to leave behind. My childhood.

Their spirits, attitudes and their way of thinking is the purest thing that walks this earth. They are a breath of fresh air. My spirit is always refreshed each time I spend time with them. More than once I catch myself saying “I wish I was more like you dear small one”. For if I and the grownups would be a little like you, the world would be a wonder to behold.

It is with this I conclude by saying, what if the world’s role model was a child all along? What if we were all expected to learn from children to be better grown-ups? What if being like children is the only way to make it in this world? But even better the ticket to heaven?

Yes i wish i knew grew up in my heart not body!

The Word of the Lord says in Matthew 18: 3 “Truly I tell you, He said, “unless you change and become like little children, you will never enter the kingdom of heaven.”

“Dear Lord Jesus, please teach me how to have the heart and soul of a child by Your Grace. Amen.”

God bless you all.Also check out Small Children

Picture credit:www.colourbox.com


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