It is 29th September again and i can only be more than ecstatic. I love love my birthday.I feel like it is my wedding or Christmas.The cherry on the icing is that i get to forever spend it with my dear companion,my twin.


It is yet another new year for us .How awesome and exciting it is to always share my new years with my dear twin.We would like to thank God for bringing us this far. It is His doing and it is indeed marvelous.It is a great opportunity and we thank Him truly. May our Father keep walking with us in our new year.

In our new year, I wish us all the very best on our special day, all the joy that we can ever have ,new anointing and may we be blessed abundantly on our birthday and the days to come.


I hope we have a wonderful day and that the year ahead of us is filled with much love, many wonderful surprises, warmth of sunshine, happiness,blessings,sound of laughter and give us lasting memories that we will cherish in all the days ahead.


May our new year be a one in which all our dreams came true and achieved all our goals but mostly may our dear Lord Jesus be the essence and pick of our new year. 

May we enjoy this day as we spend and celebrate it together.


Birthday pictures:http://www.weknowyourdreams.com


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