All of us came into this world alone, while some of us were lucky enough to share that awesome day with our half egg (twin).Despite this however, we all have been called to walk an individual path in this life alone.

There may be many people around you, as you walk this journey but your path is strictly yours alone and no other can understand it. Only our Creator and yourself, can.

The desire deposited in our beings when we are off age is the driving force that keeps us going every day.

Our desires which we call dreams keep us awake at night as we map out our plan to get to them with the guidance of our Creator, who is the Keeper of all dreams.

Most times the dreamer does not have the full picture or the fine details of the dream yet the desire and uniqueness of the dream is without a shadow of doubt within them and the clearest thought in their minds. This feeling is as real as the fire that burns their skin.

The definition of the dream though roughly mapped in the mind and heart of the dreamer, the finer details remain well hidden and understood by the Keeper of all dreams.

Most dreamers are not without doubts or moments of wonder whether they are taking the right paths. This is because their dream is audacious, ambitious and plain unreasonable in the eyes and ears of other men. Who ever said God was reasonable? Only man is!


When they open their mouths to rationalize why it can’t be, a dreamer may be caught in a moment of doubt while in other moments the grueling and long path to arriving at this dream is their cause of doubt and concern. Will I ever live to see my dream come to pass? Is a thought well known by dreamers.

The dreamers who know their dream Keeper engage Him in a heart to heart discussion of their fears, desires, hopes and their moments that sometimes are a step away from giving up. These midnight and mid-morning conversations become a daily norm in this dreamer’s life.

With each put down and shot at the dream, a dreamer somewhat has the heart to continue on and in fact surprisingly desire to dream even more.

This blog post is dedicated to all dreamers in the world.

Dear dreamer,

You have a dream, a great dream and that’s not crazy.

Do not be shocked at the audacity of your dreams, remember Martin Lurther King and Joseph who became a prime minister in a foreign land in the book of Genesis. All this came to pass and so shall your dream.

Many people will discourage you from the very dream that keeps you awake at night, not because they do not want you to succeed but lack understanding and revelation of what you have seen.


Please understand we are called to walk individual paths in this life and at the end of the day you must decide whether you will listen to them or your Dream and Destiny Keeper.

Dare to be different in a world that knows only normal. Just because that is what has been done for years on end, does not mean that is what should be done. Dare to upset the normal.

If you need to consult anyone about your dream, please consult the ultimate dreamer, God.

And lastly dear dreamer, may you find what you so passionately desire and seek, all in accordance with the will of our Dream Keeper and Father, God.

Yours truly,

A fellow dreamer.


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