#ADayintheLife of a Kenyan blogger and you-tuber

Dear all,

Following the ongoing MOGUL campaign for women influencers around the world based on the #ADayintheLifeof ,i would love to invite you to visit the platform and share your story.This is an award-winning platform for women worldwide that enables you to share your voice, exchange information, and access knowledge and connect with other women and people all over the world.

Here is my piece that is featured on the platform :Ruth Nzioka’s Mogul Profile

Name: Ruth Nzioka

Age: 27

Home city/ country: Nairobi, Kenya

Current Occupation: (An Advocate/Attorney at Law): I recently got admitted to the Kenyan law bar as an advocate of the High Court of Kenya. I currently work as a volunteer lawyer at CLEAR –Kenya and an advocate at Bryant & Associates Advocates both in Nairobi, Kenya.

Time I wake up: I have flexi work hours.When I am working from home i can wake up at 7:00 am – 8:00am while on the days I have to appear at either of the offices, I wake up  before 5:30 am and leave house by 6:00am – 6:30am.

First thing I do in the morning:  Chat with God before I get out of bed.

My typical breakfast: I have eaten bread and tea all my life however I started taking oatmeal recently and this has been mytypical breakfast since. I take half a cup of oatmeal and a banana to sweeten it.

Here’s what my morning commute is like: I take a bus most mornings as this is the main form of transportation in Kenya and and i don’t have a car. We call our buses ‘matatus’.Here is a picture of one.

Image title

What a typically wear to work: My wardrobe is limited to a full suit which is either black, navy blue or grey as per the LSK Dresscode guidelines. On the weekends I wear jeans and all the comfy clothes in the world.

Image title

I spend most of my day doing: This depends on whether I am working from home or office. When I am at home I do my work until around 5 pm in the afternoon,depending on the work load. As for the rest of the afternoon, I may write a blog post or record a you-tube video when i get time.When I am working from office I work from 8am – 5pm, then go home.

During the weekends I spend almost all my time with my family, watching movies and sleeping on Sunday afternoons after the morning church service.

After work I like to: Remove my work clothes, chat with my twin sister, watch funny videos and talk to God.

Image title

A fun night for me includes: Good food, great movies and the most comfortable clothes. This is a perfect fun night. I don’t like going out much. Oh did I mention I am an introvert?

Time I go to sleep: Yesterday I slept at 4:30 am but I usually sleep between 9pm- 10pm when I am going to work and 11pm- 1 am in the morning.

Last thing I do at night: Talk to God.

My favorite thing to do for fun: I love talking long walks in the forests or just calm environments that are not crowded or noisy, going on road trips or places with great company of family, going out with my twin to the movies or dates, dancing and listening to great music.

Image title

My biggest fear right now: Is being separated from God. He is my everything, secondly being stuck in a bad job that I don’t love or relationship for the rest of my life. Right now, my biggest fear is getting stuck.

My biggest hope everyday: My biggest hope right now is that My Saviour Jesus Christ, will never leave me neither forsake me. I can live one more day just because of this, otherwise what is the point of life?

Someday I’d like to: Travel the world and see all the beautiful countries  I hear about, do something totally random and crazy like moving to a new country, publish a book, become a mentor to young women and most ambitiously stand and speak on a great platform like that of TedTalks.


The biggest challenge I am still overcoming so far: The voices in my head.

The biggest challenge I hope to overcome: My lack of experience professionally. It’s hard to get a great job when entry-level positions require 3-6 years of experience.

Being a woman is wonderful because: I enjoy the vulnerability that comes with it, the ability to be in touch with my emotions so deeply, the divine reason that women are the sun that shines in each home, our quiet strength in the toughest of situations yet make it through and lastly but not least the hearts that women have are the most beautiful things on earth.

How a woman juggles her career, children, home duties and still take care of her husband is beyond me. I do not understand why women were not given the title of superwoman before superman came to be. They truly are both super creatures and angels in this world.

Being a woman is a challenge because: women are always mentioned in the shadow of the same men whom they direct to success and power. Despite the world’s advancement, the position of a woman still seems to remain as it were. What can I say ‘woman’ is the definition of power, grace and modest humility despite all she goes through and has faced.

What’s one thing people don’t understand about your culture that you’d like to clarify to the international community?

We do not live on trees!We are very advanced and knowledgeable in all things, the only difference is we are in different continents.

What’s your favorite meal or recipe that is a specialty of your culture?

I love chapatti with cabbage and nyama choma (roasted meat) with Ugali and Kachumbari.

Image titleImage title

If you could ask the Mogul community anything, what would it be? To expand our connections beyond the virtual realm. For instance why not connect with a mogul who comes to Nairobi, Kenya to visit or business, exchange various experiences as we get to learn each other’s culture and watch the other marvel at our culture at a physical level. I would ask members of the Mogul community to tell me about challenges they face in their everyday lives as a result of their race, sexuality, religion, etc. and what I can do to help.

So basically to create friendships as we are truly a global family as mogul influencers.

I am a Mogul because: I aspire to leave a legacy of words when i die. Not just mere words but words that created and spoke life to all who read and heard them.



6 thoughts on “#ADayintheLife of a Kenyan blogger and you-tuber

  1. Nice piece Ms. NZIOKA. I love how you use your words. Its fun reading through another person’s written thoughts… their hopes, fears… permit me to say… yours is intruiging.

    I pray you get all you want in life. Reading through the things you hope to accomplish some day… I couldn’t help but notice that you hope to write a book. My word to you is. WRITE IT RIGHT NOW. Life is only so long after all. We owe it to ourselves to do everything we want to.

    Take me for example. I often thought writing a book was such a monumental task. But then i began…. and guess what… I TOTALLY WROTE A BOOK. it took me six months… n the editing is not yet done…but i get to call my self an author..

    And the sense of gratification i got when i was done. The pride! Its a feeling unlike anyother. I mean, how many people have actually WRITTEN A BOOK. So do you a favour…. and go for what you want.

    Do not fear getting stuck. You only get stuck if you want to.


    1. Hello my fellow writer.Let me first congratulate you on your upcoming book.This is something i have been saying i will do since i was in primary school and must get a start on it soon.

      It is a pleasure meeting another writer and i have loved your work too.I also enjoy reading people’s work because it gives me a very intimate insight into their soul.It sometimes feels invasive yet so intriguing as you put it to know an intimate detail that you would have otherwise never known about them.

      Kindly be kind enough to let me know where i can get your book once it hits the shelves,i get myself a copy.Thank you for stopping by and reading my work.God’s blessings.


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