I have always believed the walking dead, famously known as zombies are only a producer’s active imagination of a future that we may never live to see. Sometimes to be honest, I fear the possibility of this grotesque creatures actually coming to be, as envisioned by the movie producers. I guess am pushing it too far, hahahaha. But really for me the walking dead is an idea limited to the T.V. or computer screen.

So when recently I learned that the walking dead are actually among us, I was sincerely shocked. “What are you talking about Ruthie?” Kindly read on to find out.

The idea of the walking dead among us is not so farfetched when you think about it in the right context. A person would have to first question the real definition of a living person and secondly what it means to be a living person who is dead.

I have always thought being alive means having breathe and a beating heart. It seems to be alive means different things to different persons. There are some people among us who wake up each day and instead of being grateful that God has allowed them to live in a new day, they sigh and say “Guess I just have to live out yet another day!” as if it were a death sentence.


These people walk among us with a gaze of death oblivious of the bubbling life around them. They desire the grave more than their desire to live one more day on this earth. Who knew the living could envy the dead? I thought it’s the dead who envy the living! Every single aspect of life is tasteless for them if not a struggle. Their interest in life always reads zero and they just can’t seem to make that zero go higher than that.


When they have tried as hard as is humanly possible to keep up appearances and live a life they are already dead to, they get a better idea. “Why not end it already?” At first it is just one of those crazy ideas and they immediately say “That’s totally crazy!!! I would never do that”. They put it off for a while then with each passing day they entertain the idea to a point it becomes the only best option. On that fateful day, a rope around their neck becomes more seductive than a seductive woman, while another with a gun on the head hears the sweetest words “Pull the trigger!”


This is the sad story of so many people around the world. The world is always quick to judge them when they take their lives. I wonder why they were not as quick as to offer a hand when they were going through the motions of life and dead long before that gun touched their head or rope dressed their neck.


I have always wondered what would make a breathing human being get to this point. Well, I got my answer recently. One early morning, from a far I felt my taste for this world change. I laughed slightly as I looked up “God it can’t be, can it?” I had been having this feeling for a while and thought I was sick or something but on this morning it’s true identity was exposed before me.

It is a different taste, I can’t describe it, all I can say it is not pleasant. I knew in that moment in my heart of hearts that I was losing my PASSION for life. My reaction? I was totally TERRIFIED! I heard clearly in my mind ‘the walking dead among us’.


The real definition of being alive means to have HOPE in life! Without hope, a man will die faster than if he were not with food and water.

The process of becoming a zombie is not a fast one. It really is a slow fade. It starts with a slight feeling of extraordinary BOREDOM, no biggy. We all get bored sometimes. Well, when this boredom turns to loss of PASSION, the alarm by now is ringing loud but most people around such persons do not hear it. The last phase is the final blow to an already dying human, loss of HOPE.

Now when we get to this point, without the intervention of one who cares enough to notice, the days ahead are filled with plans of death. Eventually death as the sweet escape wins the day. It is at this point everyone around such persons starts to notice there was a problem, unfortunately it is a little too little too late.


For me on the wee hours of that morning I cried out to my HOPE, JESUS CHRIST who had helped me identify the problem. I cried for Him to hold me and save me from being a zombie. There is nothing worse than tasting death while still breathing. I have a million dreams I want to achieve and without passion and hope I would achieve none of them. The same is the case of everyone out there going through the same. Who do you cry to when you find yourself or your loved one in this state?

I can offer you a piece of advice today. I know there is something that you have a placed your hope in. It could be your beautiful wife, your loving family, your many investments, your money, you bottle, your cars, your home, your pastor, your parents, you name it.

None of these things are bad, the only problem is you are vouching for the wrong type of unsustainable hope. All of these are fleeting, passing and vain but most importantly will not be enough when you become a zombie.

There is one whom your HOPE can be securely placed in. He is the beginning and the end, the Alpha and Omega, the One who knows you and loved you even before you were born , the One who life and life everlasting is vested in, Jesus Christ. When your life reaches the end, nothing in this world will save you other than Him. Please I beg you call out to Him if you know you are walking dead. He will save you and restore your life.

If you are such a person and read this and want somebody to talk to, kindly get in contact with me .If not for a chat just let me know you need a prayer and I promise to make this petition known to our heavenly Father in heaven, for it is not always one has courage to pray for themselves.

As for all of us, please let’s be quick to note when our friends and family members start to slide into a zombie state and pray with them as we offer them our love and support not judgement. God bless you all.

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