Different people make us feel different things.

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Some make us feel beautiful

Others make us feel courageous even to try out new things we never thought we would

Some make us feel simply wanted and appreciated

While other bring out the adventurous feel in us


Some make us feel safe while with them even when strangers to us

While others make us feel totally careless, making us question our actions the next day

Some make us feel vulnerable enough to share our inner fears and thoughts with them without fear of judgement

Others make us feel desirable reminding us that we are attractive and full of sex appeal

Some make us feel safe and free enough to be ourselves and comfortable in our skin

While others make us feel totally crazy making us go on a random spree

Some on the other hand only have the capacity to bring out the worst feelings in us.


Some of such make us feel completely used by the time they are through with us

Others make us feel abused and our person completely violated

Some make us feel threatened and fear for our lives, seeking all ways to get away from them

While others make us feel worthless and that our existence does not mean a thing

Some make us feel unlovable wondering if we worth being loved by someone at all

Others make us feel betrayed and doubt or even wonder if we will ever trust people again

Some make us feel as if evil, doing all that we said we would never do

Some make us feel so hurt that we can never erase their faces off our minds even if we saw them 10 years later

No matter how you make one feel, the truth is people may forget WHAT YOU DID for the them, but will NEVER EVER forget HOW YOU MADE THEM FEEL when you were with them. Wise to try make that a great and positive feeling to the best of our ability.

God bless you all.

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