Being one never to waste any period or lesson in life allow me to share some of the things every job seeker can relate to:

1.Neccesity is mother of invention

The first thought when one steps into the job market is an expectation of getting a job, FAST. This is not always the case. A few months down the line, your mind is forced to get creative. This is in what you can do with your time and if you can venture into different business ideas to make some money.

We have an opportunity to be creative and venture into different areas that were never part of our career and not within our comfort zones. I have found being a blogger and you tuber very fulfilling in keeping busy in this period. Furthermore it has challenged me in new ways.

This is best time to nurture your talent and hobby, while making money at it.

2.Me time

I have come to learn that the person we least spend time with is ourselves. I know this sounds crazy but it’s true.

Most of the times we are too caught up to deal or interact with our self. This is not until we have more than extra time in our hands.

When you are done applying and dropping your resume in different places, there is that time you sit and think about your life. You evaluate who you are, where you are, what you want, how you can improve and the like. This is something we hardly get to do yet it is quite vital.

3.The Long wait


I am not a fan of waiting, probably because I have an issue with being patient. The waiting is unbelievably nerve wrecking. Each day you wake up saying maybe today is the day. Then the day ends just as it did yesterday. You always ask how much longer?

As a Christian my test in patience and faith in God has been tested to beyond limits. This went on until the moment I surrendered and told God to have His way because I could not take it anymore. As a human you can only take in so much before you break and it’s at that point God holds and takes you through.

4.The cliché “Have you gotten a job?”

I do not know how many times I get this question. It one of the most annoying question to ask a job seeker.

I mean do you have to keep asking whether someone has got a job. I know some people ask it out of sheer concern or care but I don’t like it. It’s like telling someone who has lost their loved one for instance “It has already happened just accept it. It was God’s plan”. It might be correct but there is a time for everything and surely that is not the right time to bring it up when they are still trying to get around the fact their loved one is gone. You get what I mean?

If indeed I get that job I will tell you right? Obviously, so please stop asking every time we meet or talk “Have you gotten a job?” it is already hard as it is i know I have not gotten it and worse for you to keep reminding me.

5.Employers willing to take advantage of you


Disclaimer: Not all of them.

Most times a job seeker who has stayed a long time without a job may get a feeling of desperation to take on any job that may come.

If a job seeker is willing to take anything and the employer realizes this, they will not mind taking advantage of you. The cure to this is obviously to first know what you want, secondly do not settle for less because if you do you, you will do so till the end, thirdly and most importantly God is in control and will surely give you a job of your heart’s desire within His will. Will you trust Him?

6.Being underestimated

There is a general feel about entry level job seekers. That thing where most employers are not willing to give entry level job seekers a chance. Evident in fact that almost all jobs ask for 2 years and more work experience.

It is unfortunate to be underestimated even before being given a chance. One thing you should remember is being underestimated by anyone does not deduce your value, potential or who you are meant to be.

At the end of the day you do not need a million employers to give you a chance, you need just one. And you will find that one who is willing to give you a chance, believes in you and is willing to hold your hand and walk with you in your career journey.

7.Moments of extreme lowliness and extreme energy bursts


This is like a roller coaster. One day you wake up feeling energetic to do all you can to get a job. That is going out there and doing all a reasonable job seeker should do. Other times doing extra ordinary things.

Other mornings you wake up and the best you can do is look up and ask God “When?” On such days leaving the bed seems as hard as asking a person to fly. All reasons why you not good enough or something is amiss attack you with vengeance. The most interesting thing is it is in this moments I feel most comforted by our dear God.

8.That moment in an interview when you get the ‘I hate you because you are young’ look from some elderly employers

Recently I had the pleasure of being in an interview. I have clearly defined goals and reasons I will or will not take a job. This happened to be the experience that I got. Remarks like “You young people don’t know anything and you think you know a lot”.

Disclaimer: Not all potential employers are this rude.

Such days you leave the interview room and question whether you are ready to work with people who have already prejudged you based on irrelevant factors. It got me thinking it’s not only employers who choose us. We also choose them, as who wants to work with a company that does not have good professional values?

9.More than 100 CV’s sent per day

Looking for a job is a job in itself. A job seeker has set goals, like making more than 100 applications each day.

You would think sending more than 100 Cv’s a day means you will receive at least 50 callbacks. Hahahahaha. It has always been interesting how only 3-5 employers will respond in that bunch. Now that’s motivating :(.

10.Lack of encouraging words from people

What I find interesting is how one of the most discouraged people are job seekers yet the people who have a word or two of encouragement for them are almost zero.

What is ironic is that we have all been there once in our lives. So I wonder, is it that people forget how low this period is?

It’s like as soon as people get jobs they forget what the job hunt was like just to spare a word or two for another in such a position.

I have been to many interviews yet the ones I remember vividly are those where one of the interviewers took a minute to just encourage me and let me know I would get what I was seeking and have a great future ahead. This is despite not getting that specific job. Yet their words impacted my life and I have never forgotten them.

Speak life to a job seeker you know. It may seem small or even nothing but words are precious and do indeed build people up. The discouragement is already our everyday companion by default why not be different and speak life to us when we meet or talk.

God bless you all.

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