Dear all,

I love sharing things that can inspire and make a difference in someone’s life. So last year I found this amazing blog post and I could not find the author despite my own struggle to get in touch with him and look for them. If you know the author kindly let me know or refer me.

This post was so amazing I could not even add or deduct anything only make a reply to it. This is truly a lesson worth sharing. Enjoy. God bless you all.

Here is the post:

‘Have you ever left an interaction with someone saying to yourself, “That person really understands me all wrong”? They don’t know you, yet they think they do.

They look at a snapshot of your life and think they know the full movie. This can be one of the biggest frustrations ever. Personally, I often times feel misunderstood by people.

There are people who barely know me, yet they love to speak of the kind of person I am. This happens all the time. It happens innocently when people read my posts and/or blogs and they assume that I’m some Christian stud, but, in reality, I’m just a normal guy who struggles to honor and please Jesus.

I have so much to share on being misunderstood and it is annoying when strangers act and speak like they know you. They try to speak for you, yet the things they say are far from anything you would ever say. Also, it’s annoying when people can’t let go of something you did in the past.

I’ve done stupid things and people still hold them against me. They think I’m the same person, but I’m not. Being misunderstood is brutal, so how should we handle it?

Whenever I feel misunderstood, I think about Jesus before the Sanhedrin (Matthew 26:57-67).Why? This is a time when Jesus was being misunderstood and, by paying attention, we can learn how to overcome the pain of being misunderstood.

The Sanhedrin were the group of people who sentenced Jesus to death. As Jesus was standing before them, they were hurling insults and lies at Him. They said all these lies and what did Jesus do? Matthew 26:63 says, “Jesus remained silent” Jesus didn’t care what people thought of Him. We too should be silent on people’s accusations.

Jesus cared more about what God the Father thought than what angry men thought. He didn’t try to correct these people, since He knew that they wouldn’t change their minds.

When people say a lie about us, we often correct them and defend our self to “clear our name”, but Jesus didn’t. When He was being misunderstood, Jesus rested assured since He knew the Father knew Him perfectly.

This is how to handle the pain of being misunderstood. When I’m feeling misunderstood, I go back to the person who I know understands me completely: Jesus. He knows my thoughts, feelings, convictions, motivations, emotions, and even my future.

 Jesus never misunderstands me. In fact, he knows all my junk(weakness, troubles)HEBREWS 4:15“For we have not an high priest which cannot be touched with the feeling of our infirmities; but was in all points tempted like as we are, yet without sin”. And he still puts up with me. He loves me more than I love me/myself (the truth in that sentence stung my heart when I wrote it).

People may believe lies, but Jesus doesn’t. People may think they know me when they don’t, but Jesus doesn’t. People may hurt me, but Jesus doesn’t. People may misunderstand me, but Jesus doesn’t. Jesus knows all the junks in our lives, yet He still loves us. He knows us better than we know ourselves.

Jesus will never misunderstand us. There will always be at least one person who understands us. His name is Jesus Christ. A person closer than any friend, brother, spouse e.t.c. HIS NAME IS JESUS.’

AUTHOR: Unknown (But indeed a brother in Christ)




  1. Wow wonderful read.its like you are speaking to me waah. this is something have faced this week..its been a tough week.Jesus is the only one who loves us unconditionally and understands us.


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