Hanging on to Jesus through Pain

Many of us who are born again and know Jesus Christ our personal saviour,often wonder why some things happen to us.In our pain we see God as an unjust God for afflicting us with such.However this fellow brother in Christ had an inspiring view of the pain he went through.

Daniel Mbugua,was suffering from leukemia and took on to blogging to share with us his journey.Sadly he is no longer with us but left us a great lesson that i would love to share with all of us today.Jesus Christ did not promise sunny and rosy days till the end but He did promise to be with us through it all,keeping in mind our life is indeed bigger than the round corners of this world.God bless you all.

Here is the story:

Again I made a promise to write, this time it was when God gave me strength and the words. I have now been in the Bone Marrow Transplant Unit for 27 days. 8 days pre transplant, transplant (stem ce…

Source: Hanging on to Jesus through Pain


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