Dear all,

Most of us do not understand how God protects this earth on a daily basis. He protects the whole world, no matter if you are saved or not saved. He loves us all without discrimination. If He did not have His hand on us, the demons would rip us apart.

Such a day is coming and is upon us. Are you ready to be left behind in a world where God’s protection will no longer be present? The rapture is about to happen at any moment now. Are you truly ready to be left behind?

None of us has even contemplated how terrible this earth will be when God removes His people (The bride of Jesus Christ) from earth. I have had dreams of such terrible events in the left behind hour that I do not even have courage to share. All I can say is I have never seen such horrible times as this in this world and I cannot imagine any of us being left behind.

download (6)demon_attack.png

At least let this vision help you get an idea of what it will be like after the rapture. Note: This is not my vision but of another brethren who was shown this things and was able to put them into words.


Listen, GET YOUR HOUSE IN ORDER! Our Lord Jesus is not coming for a lukewarm Christian or a non-Christian. He is coming for the Christian who does not compromise their faith or use it only when it is convenient. He is coming for a Christian who is dead to themselves and lives for Him every day (Matthew 10:39).

Are you that Christian? If you are nowhere near that BEWARE! Please please please let’s get our houses in order! If not, just like the foolish bride in Matthew 25 you will not be part of the Lord’s great wedding feast and left behind for the demons to have a ball.

How to remain ready: Remain repentant of your sins every moment, remain vigilant by praying and waiting upon Him if you are saved and born –again in Jesus Christ.

Luke 21:36 “So keep watch at all times and pray that you may have strength to escape all that is about to happen and to stand before the Son of Man “

If you are not yet born again or saved, this is the time to accept God’s love gift for mankind who is Jesus Christ. This is by accepting Him into your life as your personal savior.

Let Him with ears listen! Revelations 2:29

I have written about rapture and left behind before in my blogs (December 2015 and January 2016) kindly check the posts out if you need more insight.

May the peace,grace,love and revelation of our Lord Jesus be with you all.

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