“How many days left before you leave?” David asked “Two days” He said before taking a deep breathe. “How do you feel?” David asked further. “Oh my, I have butterflies in my stomach. I mean I am excited that we are finally going to be together with my love but at the same time I am anxious when I think of the ones who will say no. The thought of that sends a spear right through my heart” He replied. “Uuuh! That’s gotta hurt” David said making a face. “Yet even as they say no, I love them still to bits” He finished saying. “I know, I know…”David said as a servant interrupted them.

“Master, your Father would like to see you in the Throne room” “Oh yes, I must go see Him and make the final arrangements” He said as He patted David on the shoulder. “Oh and Master, the farewell party that you have been avoiding will be taking place tomorrow at noon. No one is willing to take your no” the servant finished saying. He laughed as He begun to walk away. “I guess all I have to do is grace the whole of heaven with my presence before I leave” He said as He smiled. One of the most handsome smiles ever seen. David laughed as He called out behind Him “See you later Lord Jesus”.

God the Father sat on His throne quietly as He thought of His one and only begotten Son. He loved Him more than anything that ever was or will be. He also loved His people the human beings so much. Though in need of nothing, He would not imagine being without them. For His Son, that He knew would always be the same but as for His people, now that was a different story. So many had died already and been lost forever. He could not bear losing any more without giving them a way out. He knew there was no other way other than to sacrifice His one and only Son for He was the perfect and ultimate sacrifice.

The blood of His Son was the only thing that would help Him look at His people without turning away. His blood was pure and would be the covering His people needed to be redeemed. This was a pleasant thought for Him yet His Heart could not bear what His Son was about to go through. The Lord Jesus busted into the Throne Room joyfully. He had just cracked a joke and left the angels standing on guard cracking with laughter. “Hey Papa” He said with a wide grin.

 “Look at Him” The Lord God thought. “He is such a darling. The darling of Heaven He has always been. We will surely miss Him when He goes. Thankfully our time and that of the world are not the same, for I could not bear my Son being away that long.”

The Lord Jesus sat next to Him and they both looked down and saw Mary sing joyfully as she prepared her meal. She had been so excited since she received the news. “She will be a perfect mother” said the Lord God as He turned to look at the Lord Jesus. “Can’t wait to meet her face to face” Jesus said. “So how are you doing?” The Lord God asked turning to a more serious conversation. Jesus as He had always done shared with His Father everything. The Father assured Him of His presence all the way and shared with Him more details about His mission.

On the appointed day, everyone in Heaven prepared themselves to say goodbye to our Lord Jesus. As they lined up the streets, they shared fond stories of Jesus and how truly they would miss Him. The Lord Jesus was pacing around His room in those final moments before His departure when the Lord God appeared in His room. “Peace be with you my Son. I am proud of you” the Lord Jesus smiled and embraced His Father for a long time. “Oh Papa” “I know” the Lord God said. “Dear Son only love can make a way for our people.” “Yes Father. What will I do or say when I become of age?” “Do not worry my Son, You only need to look and do all that I say and tell you. You will be fine. I will be with you in each and every second”. Jesus felt better as He knew His Father to be Faithful and true. Ever since He existed His Father had never took His gaze off Him.

 “If it proves to be too much my Son, all you need to do is ask and I will send the angels to you and end it all”. “I know Father but just as you love them Father, I do too and look forward to the day you will present the church to me as my bride, to be mine forever” The Lord God looked at the Lord Jesus and His heart swelled with joy. He was so very proud of His Son, then and now. “And it will be unto you, just as you have said Son. Shall we go now? The whole of Heaven waits to see you off” He said as He took His Son’s hand and both worked out.

As soon as the doors were opened the whole of Heaven roared with shouts of praise and glory. “Glory and honour to the Saviour of the world”, they said as they bowed low as He passed them by greeting and blessing each of them.

The Lord Holy Spirit stood at the far end having the hugest smile on His face. He is a gentle and loving soul and would accompany the Lord Jesus on the great mission for He would be His strength. Lord Jesus embraced Him warmly “It’s time” the Lord Jesus said firmly. Lord Holy Spirit laughed before He playful messed Our Lord Jesus’s hair “Take it easy Son!” He said. Our Lord Jesus laughed. He loves how Lord Holy Spirit lights up situations. “John the Baptist is already on His way and will be like your elder brother. He will be a wild one.” “So have heard, can’t wait to see him too”. The Lord God joined them as the three of them held hands. It was the most glorious thing that has ever been seen. It is so glorious no words can even describe it.

“Let us make man in our own image” Lord Holy Spirit begun. Lord God and Lord Jesus laughed as they looked at Lord Holy Spirit. “We are already past that” the Lord God said. The Lord Holy Spirit laughed saying “Right!” before asking Jesus seriously “Ready?” Lord Jesus took a deep breathe first and said. “Yes, you can do it now”. Lord Holy Spirit looked at God the Father and saw Him nod. “See you on the other side!” Lord Jesus waved vigorously as He begun to be transformed to what would be the seed that would be planted in Mary’s womb.

Once He was done, the life of our Lord Jesus in seed form was placed in a secure chest before the Lord God gave it to the angel assigned to deliver it to Mary’s womb. An army of thousands and thousands of angels stood before the Lord God and the Lord Holy Spirit awaiting for His command. He gave the command and the commander in chief of the angels led the way with different groups surrounding him from all angels. Everyone in Heaven followed the army all the way until they could no longer see them, still waving and giving our Lord Jesus praise and honour.

The angels arrived at night and found Mary singing softly as she knit a small sweater. “That must be for our Lord Jesus” the commanding officer noted to the army and they all conquered as they smiled at her. “Who knew our Al-great and Almighty God, the maker of this universe would actually wear such a tiny clothing someday” making the army laugh. She had no idea they were there. As they carefully placed the Savior of the world in her womb, her whole demeanor changed. She became as bright as the sun. The commanding officer released the other angels and remained with His unit that would watch over Jesus all the days of His life.

The Lord God and the Lord Holy Spirit watched as Jesus slept quietly in Mary’s womb. “And so it has begun” The Lord God said. “Indeed” the Lord Holy Spirit responded. They both kept watch of Him without missing a single moment of His being man. That was the beginning of the greatest love story mankind will ever know. The day when the Creator became the created, living among mortal men just to die and save them all. To God be all the glory and honour.

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5 thoughts on “THE LAST DAY IN HEAVEN

  1. Oh wow.I am truly honoured. That is what exactly i seek to do everyday.When i stand before God’s throne one day and He tells me well done my good and faithful servant for inspiring people i will be the happiest person in the world.God bless you Masila.


  2. “I guess all I have to do is grace the whole of heaven with my presence before I leave” He said as He smiled. One of the most handsome smiles ever seen. David laughed as He called out behind Him “See you later Lord Jesus”.

    Liked by 1 person

  3. This is the best most beautiful amazing thing I have ever read in my life.I love our triune God.He’s just amazing.Its.really beautiful.just beautifulllllll…!!!Thank u so much for posting.


    1. Hello Hebsiba. It is also one of the best pieces i have ever written.It was so surreal and all glory and honour belong to God.Thank you for reading and God bless you richly.


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