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It is said, beauty is in the eye of the beholder. This seems to have always true until white or light became the new beautiful. I cannot really pin point when the coup de’ tat occurred but the reign of ‘light is beautiful’ has been going on for some time now.

Research has shown in Kenya light skinned women are preferred much more than dark skinned women. The light women it was said get to access various socio-economic tools more easily than dark women. An example is in the entertainment industry. The same goes for most countries in the world with most dark skinned women seeking solutions to become lighter. What does this all mean? Black is not good enough? Black is below the required standards of this life? And on that note, which standards are we talking about here?

Growing up as a child in our home I did not know there really was a difference between people. People were just people. Going to school opened me up to a new experience where teachers and children would be described as “blacky”.I found it interesting how light skinned children had better treatment than the dark skinned ones from the teachers. How quickly childhood perceptions are shattered. I thought this was just a kid thing but 27 years later this has remained to be the norm of most societies in the world.

I cannot say being discriminated like this did not affect me. It did. From a young age however I knew that God had created me so and that God is perfect in all His ways. This was a truth that was so deep within me and that I never forgot. The more I grew in the face of discrimination for my skin colour the more this truth became real to me. I have a tendency of believing God is always right. This saw me not be bothered by such comments anymore. Luckily for me my skin colour has never really bothered me. Everyone has their own demons to battle and for me my skin colour was never one.

What I don’t understand most times is who said lighter is better than darker or that being dark means there is a problem with you? The other day at a party, I listened to a friend who happens to be the same complexion as I am, apologize for being dark skinned. I didn’t judge her at all, just got sad that dark skinned ladies have to be placed in a position where they have to feel sorry for who they are. How cruel the world is.

In prayer sometimes I mention to God some of the injustices people go through and this is one of them. It may sound funny but having to walk through life feeling inferior and not good enough for a trait that you were born with is quite sad. It sadder not to recognize that God in His perfect wisdom made you so wonderfully unique and beautiful. It is a tragedy that some of us will get to learn this on the other side of life.

One can argue that, everyone is entitled to their own opinion and this is one of them. True. Another can further add it’s not their problem dark skinned people don’t know God’s perfect handiwork in them according to the bible. True.

In light of this two facts, what then is the problem? ACCEPTANCE. People have a hard time accepting themselves as they are. Understand this, acceptance runs deeper than any shade of skin colour. It is the state of our inner being. If we do not accept who we are and see ourselves in our Father’s eyes, how will we ever be comfortable in our own skin? Worse how can we see ourselves in God’s eyes if we do not know Him?

Attaining acceptance is hardly achieved alone. How can you when all you hear is light is better, from your friends, family, colleagues, tv, internet, radio stations and the world. This maybe all you have known since you were born. Who then can blame you? When you reach within yourself, all you can find is your insecure self, who is louder than the world in telling you, you not enough as you are.

Acceptance is found in the One who security is founded, Jesus Christ. Look, you have no idea how truly beautiful and perfect you are until you know it from your Maker. Only then when your life is invaded by the one who truly defines beauty are you set free from the notions and standards of this world. I am a living testimony of this.


I am Ruth Nzioka

I am black and beautiful.

I have no apologies for how beautifully and wonderfully God made me.

I am not defined by the world’s standards.

So,who are you to tell me that I am less than what I should bebased on my skin colour? Seriously who are you?




Video credit:Princess Latifah.


7 thoughts on “PRETTY FOR A BLACK GIRL?

  1. Just felt compelled to comment.. I think you are truly beautiful,sister.– not just pretty but gorgeous, and that is because God knows how to create beauty. and our God loves variety. If you look at all the flowers and birds out there, they are all beautiful and they are all of various colors and patterns..

    I always admired those with darker skin, because first of all, your skin NEVER seems to age.. you will look awesome even into your 70’s! Also, you have a beautiful warm healthy glow to your skin , and can wear almost any color… including black and look beautiful. Don’t listen to those who are being used by Evil (without their knowledge) in the attempt to direct your attention on yourself and away from the Lord.

    I am a very pale white skinned woman living in the United States, and if I wear certain colors, I look like a zombie.. (yikes!) Yet even someone like me is beautiful in my own particular kind of way..

    No, don’t listen to the brainwashed by satan out there,… you and that other woman in you profile picture with the braided hair look like two models..!!


    1. Hey Lisa thank you.This issue has been on my heart and thought i would right about it.I honestly feel so sad people don’t appreciate how they look.I feel sadder people cannot see God’s diverse beauty in people.It is my prayer people get to know Him and see things through His eyes.He has such a beautiful view of things.We truly are not black or white,just a diverse people that God loves so much.I am truly blessed by your words and thank you.

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  2. And you are indeed beautiful Ruth.God says we are all beautiful and no one can say otherwise.I pray to God to give more people contentment with how they are and what we have.

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    1. Hahahahaha.Number one fan indeed.It’s true twiny,i am just praying people to be content in the Lord.This world and all in it is passing away.I am sad it is passing away with people having limited focus on the beauty of this life.

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