In the recent past I have been subjected to a lot of changes in my life, from change of friends, to career, moving homes and social life. I do not know about you, but change does not sit pretty with me.

I fight in the first days and get so desperate wanting to go back to what I was used to. Familiar ground, but the motto remains, forward ever backward never. Despite struggling in every single move forward, I know it is necessary. Down the line somewhere, we eventually get used to the new normal.

In these times I have come to cherish a couple therapeutic ways that help me unwind and relax as I walk toward my new normal.

1.Watching cooking videos on you tube


I know right? As funny as it may sound I don’t actually watch to learn how to cook but calm down. I find it very relaxing. It frees my mind off most of my thoughts. It is also my sleeping pill as when I cannot sleep, I place my computer on my chest and watch the videos till I go off to slumber land.

2.Looking at home décor pictures


Again, I know right? I am not designing any home right now. I find it calming to look at the beautiful designs, as I look for a perfect fit for my future house. Lately I have been a fan of the home décor wall sticker. They look pretty awesome.

3.Watching our neighbour’s cat try to catch a house fly


Twinky(cat) has been trying to catch house flies for the longest time. It is fun to watch her try so hard to catch the flies. It is a futile endeavor as we all know but tell that to twinky. I admire her determination and resilience to date.

4.Talking to Mama Ben of the local grocery shop


Sometimes I am not even hungry or in need to cook, yet I will leave the house just to go see Mama Ben and buy unwanted vegetables. I order something that requires some time to prepare so that I can stay longer in her presence. See, she is this jovial and full of life lady who still has a childhood spirit. She is just a breathe of fresh air each time I see her and listen to her stories.

5.Talking to our estate court’s children

download (7)

 There are a couple of small children living in our court. I love the way they say “hi” each time we passby. Now children are not coordinated and so one will say hi and the rest follow as if it is a competition. I love their simple and pure spirits.

6.Observing the vegetables and plantation in our compound

download (8)

Trust me this is very therapeutic. I take time to look at each and appreciate God’s diversity in plantation. I love the strawberries obviously because they are sweet.

7.Talking to my small niece Nava


She is a ball of energy each time we talk and forever makes my day. Sometimes when we call her she is busy watching cartoons and declines to talk as she is busy. We are advised to call later at a more convenient time for her.

8.Talking to my one month old niece, Raizel


 The conversation is usually a monologue but I don’t mind. It is quite fruitful.

9.Day dreaming


Get this, these are not based on my life goals and where I want to be in 5 years kind of dreams. I mean the kind of dreams that are totally unrealistic but fun to dream about like having wings and flying, being USA president, living in the ocean, being a super hero in an action movie and the like. It is like a movie only this time you are the producer and free.

10.Talking to God


This by far is the most therapeutic form of relaxation in my life.This life is too much to deal with without God. God knows every day is a battle yet He holds the day effortlessly. When totally crushed and overwhelmed and need of just a friend and comforter, He is there. I love the way after a real long battle He gives me unexplainable joy enough to carry me through. Strength that is new each morning and a peace that is surpasses all human understanding.

Picture credit:Google images.


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