Happy Easter.

Jesus Christ the most famous man on earth, a name near to everyone’s mouth each time they are in trouble. Funny how even non-believers call His name at the sign of trouble. Yap, even our subconscious mind knows who its help is in times of trouble.

Like any man had, Jesus Christ, the Son of God walked this earth with mere mortals. What still fascinates me to this day is the fact that while He was on earth He was mere flesh and felt all we feel. As in you would think Him being God He would have at least some supernatural abilities in His body, like healing each time His was cut.

But no, He was as human as any human can be. Wow, just goes to show how He is the most humble God. Despite being God He didn’t go around throwing it in our faces. Anyway if He did we couldn’t have related to Him as we do today. Wow, didn’t God think of everything. He further took the lowest place on earth so that the least of us all would not have an excuse to say I am not in the same class as Him. We all can relate to Him. No one had a lower place than Jesus on earth.

His every way oozed simplicity, meekness, gentleness, patience, kindness, mercy, peace, goodness, selflessness and greatest of them all being his ultimate act of love on the cross. I can almost bet no one on earth knew the meaning of this qualities until Jesus Christ Himself walked this earth and defined them.


See Jesus was a different kind of new and exciting thing when He was here. People tried to find a name to describe His way but couldn’t really. Couldn’t this have been a dead giveaway of Him being the Son of God? Only God can pull off such mystery.

Look, while we were told to pretend to be Holy, He said come just as you are. While we said hate your enemies and all unlovable people he said, love all. While we said religion, He said salvation. While we said judgment, He said mercy. While we said sufficient supply, He said faith. While we said revenge, he said forgiveness. While we said the rich are to be honoured, he said the poor shall inherit the kingdom of Heaven. While we saw the worst in people he saw the best. While we were still sinners He died on the cross for us, yet we did not deserve it. Who could have done this other than God? Thank you Jesus.

In our shortsightedness as humans we tell each other happy Easter holidays as we remember the reason for the season who is Jesus Christ. Isn’t this really a lie or rather far from the truth? On that simple night, that Jesus Christ came into this world as a son of man, He became the reason for all the seasons this earth would see. All the seasons that were, are and will be.

Our today may seem certain but our future, if without Jesus remains uncertain. Our future with Jesus guarantees us life everlasting while without Him death. He calls out in love all in this season who have not accepted Him yet. To allow Him to be the king of their hearts by accepting Him into your life, as you confess and repent your sins to him and believe He indeed is the Lord and Saviour. With this simple decision our eternity, for all the seasons will remain in the safest place, His hands.

This is a call of love for all for love a Father gave. God bless you all.


Pictures credit:Google images


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