Each passing day is bringing us closer and closer to the very end. I am completely amazed at how everything seems normal as I write. Nothing is really giving away the terrible times that are ahead and sometimes when people read such messages will be like “what are you talking about? Everything is fairing well and at the peak of my life even?”

I also have found myself wonder and doubt the urgency and nearness of the end of time. Yet we are reminded to be vigilant every day for truly no one knows the day or the hour. It would then follow the sense of normalcy, is just a lie to keep us from the very truth that the time is over and His return eminent. All in all, are you personally ready for the times ahead?

In the effort to prepare for the days ahead I would like to share an important message with everyone today. I pray for the grace of our Lord Jesus to be with you as you read the attached document. Our prayer is none of us is here when the rapture occurs, however none of us knows if we will all be in that list so how then do we live in the time that follows(the great tribulation),if we are unfortunately here?

The Bible is definitely going to be our light and then more than ever to walk by faith and not by sight. The document that i share is a copy of a book that will be useful to us and our families in the event we are not taken in the rapture. It contains directions and prayers of how one can survive in this period.

May the Holy Spirit guide you and convict your hearts in this matter. I pray that you may all receive a revelation of the rapture that may occur even as i write this.

Meanwhile let us repent of our sins remaining vigilant as we pray earnestly to be found worthy to be taken in the rapture by our dear Lord Jesus.

Please please forward to your other friends and family members.

God bless you all.

Document link:


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