The young Father was ecstatic as He watched His conceived life start to take form in the mother’s womb. The mother did not even know she was with child at this time as the fetus was just a day old. The young Father could not contain His joy for His new child. He watched over it jealously and never took His eyes away from the mother’s womb. Even without the mother’s knowledge He would talk to the small one as it grew daily hidden from the view of the whole world.

The Father watched the mother begin to suspect something unusual in her body. He was excited for her but did not want to spoil the surprise so waited for her to take the pregnancy test. To her joy she learned she was pregnant and could not wait to share the news with her husband. On hearing the news, he got on his knees and kissed her stomach tenderly before standing and kissing her deeply. He loved her even more for making him a dad, one of his dreams in this life. The Father joined them in the celebration as He promised to walk with them all the way.

True to His word the Father who could see it all, watched over the child day and night without fail. There was a time baby was coiled up in the wrong position in the stomach but He fixed it without the mother ever knowing there was a problem. He loved His sweet child so much and would often cuddle it in the womb as He sung to it to soothe it and the mother who was getting more and more tired as the months passed.

In one of the cool afternoons when baby rested next to Him, the Father took out a new book and wrote the name of the child “Blessed Amani” in beautiful calligraphy. This would be the name of the beautiful baby that was silently sucking its finger in the womb. He smiled at the scene and opened the first page of the book. This is what He wrote down.

Dearest Blessed Amani,

Hello my sweet precious gem. You probably cannot read this right now since you are still in your mother’s womb but one day you will. Let me introduce myself first. I am your Father who truly loves you. As I write this you are sucking your tiny finger oblivious of the big world that you will be coming to in the next three months. Hahahaha. Such a pretty sight and beautiful child you are. I love you so very much.

Your mother is in the hospital right now worried whether you will make it to this world safely. Little does she know that you will be arrive safely and be healthy all the days of your life. Except you will love French fries dearly and they not good for your health. I have touched her heart so that she may be in peace together with your dad. They are really looking forward to seeing you soon and touching you and I can see why. You are the most beautiful child of your kind. You are unique and none like you exists.

Oh my sweet Blessed Amani I wish you could see all that I have planned for you. It is going to be great and to your liking. First and foremost to my great pleasure you will grow up to choose me early in your life. Your being revealed of Me will be the essence of your life and driving force. I will delight in this, each moment as I watch you search for me everywhere and desperately. You will call out to me eagerly and tell all your friends and family how you are the daughter of the Most High King. I will watch over your faith and hope in Me so that it may never be disgraced for it. I am faithful to all those who place their trust in me.

Not all days are going to be pleasant for you my dear. When you become a little older the world will seem more appealing to you and you will choose it. Your guilt will destroy our relationship and you will hide and run from me thinking that I hate you. No my sweet child I can never hate you. I love you so much .You are mine. I am here always waiting for you. There is nothing you can ever do to keep my love away from you. In your silent moments I will see your desperate cry to me for help, need to come back home and I will honour it. I will never leave you or forsake you and especially when in trouble.

You will become a great lawyer like my Son one day. You will be so proud to tell everyone that your future husband is the greatest Advocate the world has ever seen and you learnt from Him. I will laugh heartily as I look around the 24 elders and tell them “That’s my girl”. You will be my joy every day and I will treasure you, my sweet little angel.

You have no idea what I have planned for you when you finish University. I know you will not think it can happen to you but yes nothing is impossible with me. As a lavish gift to my sweet baby I will grant you a trip to the United States of America just for fun and because I can. You will be so ecstatic you won’t believe it even after actually going there. I will take pleasure in your eyes of amazement at this gift for you.

My dear we will get to spend most days together as you will love to include me in all you do even the simplest of activities. My highlight of the day will be all those moments and your desire to be with me alone and how you will look forward for that time with Me. On a simple night in March we will look at your preferred wedding gown together with that of your bridesmaids. I will lovingly look at you as you explain to me the design of the dresses and the detail you want in them. You really will love the colour red and tell all it will be your wedding theme. Just that you will seek to add yellow to it to make it pop. As you select your wedding gown I will ask you why not wear a Cinderella kind of dress as you are indeed My princess and you will immediately agree. Look at how my sweet child will be all grown up then.

My sweet Blessed Amani I will be with you all your days and choose you every day. You will beg me not to let you go and You will not have any idea how tightly I hold you close to my chest and no one can take you away from me. Every day you will ask me not to forget you and I will remind you I can never.

On a warm evening in your 20’s I will reveal my recording of the days of your life and as I know you, you will immediately sit down and write it down so fascinated you got a glimpse of my laying down every moment of your life even before it begun. You will read out my love letter to yourself and almost burst with joy at this revelation.

See my child when I gave you the gift to write, I did not limit your hearing to my voice. Not at all. I knew your love for written word and it is there I would speak to you without fail. It is with your hands I would let the world know of my love for it in the simple day to day activities.

My sweet child I am only beginning the story of your life. I alone know the plans I have for you. Plans to bring you prosperity and not disaster. Plans to bring about a future and a hope. I tell you the truth my unborn child, no eye has seen no ear has even heard the great things that are in store for you, who love me.

I love you with an everlasting and unfailing love.

Yours in love,

Your Father, the Most High God.

Our dear Lord Jesus has all the days of our lives at the palm of His hands and written a love letter for all the days of our lives. Unbelievable? Believe it for it is true and He loves you and been watching over you all the days of your life.

It is written “…You saw me before I was born. Every day of my life was recorded in your book. Every moment was laid out before a single day had passed (Psalms 139:16).”


2 thoughts on “THE DAYS OF OUR LIVES

  1. We thank the Lord for His everlasting love for us.He has everything laid out for us.May our eyes be opened to see what He wants us to see and as per His will.

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