All the time wasted in useless quarrels

All the days spend being selfish instead of being selfless

All the harsh and cruel words spoken in the heat of the moment

All the moments spent hating instead of loving

All the deeds done with a hidden agenda instead of pure love

All the days spend hurting my loved ones instead of bringing relief to them

All the years lost without actually knowing my family, friends and loved ones

All the heartbreaks I have caused instead of healing hearts

All the moments spend hating my enemies. Loving them is much more fun and rewarding.

All the wasted opportunities to touch a soul with God’s love through small random acts of kindness

All the energy spent in being angry, worrying and being anxious

All the words that I spoke that destroyed instead of created or rebuilt a life

All the lost opportunities to show mercy, grace and compassion to a soul that needed it

All the times I judged someone harshly before getting to know where they were coming from

All the times I gave up on a person yet God never gives up on us

All the missed chances to tell my family, friends and loved ones how much I love them and taking them for granted

All the times I didn’t sit a little bit longer, wait a little bit longer, listened a little bit more

All the times I should have done something nice for someone for no reason but just because

All the moments I disappointed my dear God, family, friends and loved ones

All the time wasted not getting to know the best and dearest being in my life,God

Not having the opportunity to go back in time to right my wrongs, make the right choices, love harder, care genuinely, laugh harder, give more chances, be the devil’s advocate in each moment and mostly be just like Jesus.

Well I guess I know what I will be doing for the remaining days of my life.



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