Happy group of people

What is it about a person’s soul that intrigues our God so?

What is that aspect of a soul that has always displayed God’s soft spot for mankind?

What is that, that made Him pursue our souls with such persistence?

What is it about a soul that made Him move heaven and earth to draw it close to Him?

What great love is His for mankind that He gave His only begotten Son to redeem a soul?

Even more perplexing, what is that in a soul that could not even make Him spare His own Son?

How is it possible that He loves all the souls of this world exclusively yet without competition or unfavourable comparison to another soul?

What is that about a soul that makes God so quick to forgive when a soul asks even when it breaks His heart a million times?

What is that, which God sees in our souls that is so divine and precious that we cannot?

Isn’t there much that we have been missing for lack of true sight of the beauty of all the souls around us?

I may not have all the answers to these questions but I know one thing, only He sees the true beauty of each soul. A beauty we cannot even begin to comprehend.

How precious and priceless is each soul to God.

How great is God’s love and grace for each soul that He conceived in His heart.

How truly perfect His workmanship is displayed by the uniqueness of each soul.

How truly none of His creations can compare to His precious souls.

I can almost see it Lord. I can almost catch a distant glimpse of the beauty of a soul to you and my heart is afraid to contain it.

It is so beautiful, so delicate, and so precious.

Help me value each soul as You do.


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