It is said the great tribulation is going to be the worst period of ‘tribulation’ the world has ever witnessed. That even Noah’s time does not come close. One can only imagine what this period will be laced with. Being a curious person I went on a rampage for all the world’s tragic events, just to get an understanding and put into perspective what a terrible time on earth looks like.

I saw videos, pictures, documentaries of the holocaust, the nuclear bomb attack in Hiroshima and Nagasaki, 9/11 terrorist attacks, Rwanda Genocide…the list goes on and on. This events dragged my heart to dark pits, not understanding how inhuman a man can be to make such orders. I do not even know how there lived to be survivors of this horrific times.

The world in each case made a passionate ‘never ever again’ would the world see such horrific events. The world advised that caution be taken least we forget and succumb to a repeat of the same events due to lack of remembrance or knowledge of what had happened years ago. All manner of tools that could be used to help the world remember, have been exploited. The world was forced to watch the events that have come to be known throughout the world as the worst.

Now imagine living all that out again but this time round at a grand scale. With the last days of this generation wrapping up, we can only look at the horizon with fear for the great tribulation is around the corner. Men never really learnt their lesson and their evil ways of destruction only sophisticated overtime, a ticking time bomb waiting to be detonated. That time has been marked as now, with a Third World War, spoken off as not only a possibility but a matter of when.

The great tribulation has been described as the time when God’s wrath is going to be poured out unto the earth. Man’s corruption by evil remained incurable despite the million chances given by God to change his ways. It was written in the book of Revelation that a time as this would finally come, when God would restore His order, cleansing the earth off it’s evil. We saw such a time once before during Noah’s time. I can’t believe we shall be that generation which will go down in history as was in Noah’s time.

With this time fast approaching, the only question I ask myself and all of us is what are we going to do about it if we find ourselves left behind in that great tribulation?

The truth of the matter is no one can even begin to imagine how to prepare for such a time. The dynamics of it are not even within our wildest imagination yet. There is only one thing I am positive about though, there will be only two options. The first choice will be to accept our Lord Jesus Christ as your savior, a choice that will see you walk in faith and not by sight. It must be the hardest choice because it will not figuratively, but LITERALLY mean you lay down your life to attain it, eternal salvation in heaven. Death will be the more desirable option yet most will just have to be killed anyway once they proclaim their faith in Jesus Christ and refuse the mark.

The second option will be to accept temporary comfort over with a consequence of an eternity in hell. This comfort will be in form of basic needs such as food, health care. This option will be more than easy. In other cases it will not be as easy but be due to pressure and manipulation, where one’s family torture will be used to gain one’s acceptance of all one has to do is accept the famous mark, 666.It will look convenient and best option at the time, but the truth is at the end of the day will be the choice that leads one to eternal suffering.

I only have one thing to say concerning the second option, while I know choices in life are personal, I implore you in love to please not dare accept that option. Don’t you dare! It will be the most enticing proposal, don’t you dare! It will give you temporary relief and comfort, don’t you dare! Don’t you dare take the mark for the temporary comfort while its eternal consequences will live with you forever in hell separating you from God forever and from reuniting with all family and friends that will have gone before you and waiting for you. This by far is the one decision that one should never make in their life.

Matthew 10:28 “Do not fear those who kill the body but are unable to kill the soul; but rather fear Him who is able to destroy both soul and body in hell.”




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