“Mirror mirror on the wall, who is the fairest of them all if not i?” I ask with a hint of happiness and confidence what the mirror would say. I observed every inch of me in my red pretty dress as I twirled and loved everything I saw. I posed and said “I have to write a story about colour red it’s my favourite, oh wait  already did ,”I laughed heartily as I looked at the mirror waiting for its response.

The mirror had a sneer on its face as if I had asked the most absurd question ever. It startled me. “Well dresses have never looked good on fat girls to begin with” the mirror begun. The statement went straight to my heart like a knife logged in there deep. It hurt more than I expected it would. I wish it didn’t hurt so much. “But this is my body type and I have always looked like this all my life” The mirror looked at me with a poker face with no remorse “Well, it doesn’t matter, you need to lose some kilos” I looked at myself in the mirror and the beautiful girl I had seen was no longer there “maybe I should” I said quietly. I hated that I listened.

“That colour would look far better in one with a lighter complexion than you” I turned insulted by this remark. “What are you saying?” I asked infuriated. “Ever thought of lightening your skin tone?” Oh my goodness my anger was at the roof now. The mirror oblivious of my anger proceed to speak as if its opinion was the only thing that matter in life “Trust me slimmer and lighter girls have a better life than your kind”.

I wonder if such remarks ring a bell to anyone’s ears. It is not only in what the mirror has to say but the world in general too. Why is the opinion of the mirror highly esteemed in our society? Isn’t it the same mirror that advised some people to starve themselves to death to attain the perfect body or strived for a lighter tone to become acceptable in the society? Don’t get me wrong, I am not judging anyone who has gone through this shoes. You can never really understand the pain one goes through unless you walk a mile in their shoes. It is all in the name of acceptance and to be likable. This things are crucial to people, including myself. So I cannot pretend I don’t get downcast when the mirror and the people in my life, who act as mirrors say such things.

But look here, let’s reason together. Even our dear Lord despite His ability to compel us calls us to reason with Him (Isaiah 1:18).Why do we question an artificial thing on our physical worth? Why do we question the other mirrors in our lives in form of people their opinion with regards to our own unique attributes? Why do we agree with the mirrors in our lives of their opinion as they compare us to others? Aren’t we created so uniquely? And isn’t the diversity and unique attributes what makes our world beautiful? Is the value of our life contained in our physical beauty? Why is the body image more glorified than the other person’s aspects that matter the most? But most importantly why does the opinion of artificial things and everyone else matter?


“Mirror mirror on the wall, who is the fairest one of them all?” The Father took my hand and was the one who twirled me around. “Perfect just perfect” I smiled and felt flattered. “Really Father?” “You have no idea. Out of the billions of people that walk this earth, you are the only one.”

I posed to look at the mirror and true to His word I could feel my uniqueness and beauty radiating through me. In that moment I remembered the words of a fellow sister “Your uniqueness is your value and your value is your contribution to this earth.”

I had never had such profound words before concerning self-worth. I reminisced on the fact that most people in the world struggle to be all that they are not or trying to change to get everybody else’s love or acceptance. No one really ever stops to question what their uniqueness in all things is all about and how they can make the world a better place. How can we ever change the world if we are all busy chasing after vanity?

I have learned that to God and the whole world we are precious and beloved. It is a lack of this love that has made us drift in all the wrong directions making us seek approval even in artificial things. This further prevents us from knowing our gifts and talents that are our contribution to the world.

Everything you do matters to someone else as no one can do it better than you can. Learn not to be afraid of your authentic self, in body personality, character and all that makes you, uniquely you.




  1. Beautifully said.How i pray we would all be content with what the Father tell us than what the world says.Thank you Lord for loving me(us) unconditionally just the way we are,there is no great Love than His.Thank you for that piece.

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