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Once upon a time in a land not so far away lived three brothers called body, soul and spirit. In their young innocent lives, all they knew was how to play and enjoy the small overlooked aspects of our life. There was no distinction between them at the time only their state of being. As they grew up, subtle differences begun to appear and their true personalities started to emanate forth. Body had begun to become a little reckless and a little domineering persona over his two brothers, while spirit was more loving and gentle in his approach to things. Soul was in between following spirit some days and body in others. It all depended on who appeared stronger at the moment. They being his elder brothers, soul ended up being gullible to either.

A time came when their Father who had watched over them in their young ages had to leave and ask them to take over the reign of their freewill kingdom. Before He left he called soul and had shared with him some words. He told him to be careful in the choice he made with regard to following his brothers as now he had liberty of the freewill kingdom. When in doubt he promised there would be a still small voice within him telling him which way to go. He finally told Him how much He loved Him and always would.

Before their Father left, Spirit was declared the new ruler to everyone’s excitement. All except body who hated and despised spirit for taking up the throne that he had longed to have. He laughed scornfully not hiding his contempt for his brother’s crowning. He approached spirit while on the throne and kissed him on the cheek whispering in his ear “enjoy this while it lasts”. Spirit being the gentle, compassionate and quiet one became aggrieved by these words and hoped that day would never come.

Spirit’s prayer was short lived for no sooner had their Father left did body conduct a coup de’ tat. Spirit had no strength to fight against body and so body won. Body quickly asked the guards to take spirit to the dark dungeon below and shut the bars behind him. Body wooed soul who was an integral part to his reign, with all the pleasures of this life and many more promises which he thought at the time would deliver them all. Soul was ecstatic although he did not really have much of a choice as whoever who was king, he would only follow. Body asked for a seat to be brought to his left side of the throne where soul sat.

Soul’s personality consisting of the mind, feelings and emotions was a volatile and the father had always cautioned it to be under good influence otherwise it would explode to an uncontrollable disaster. Each time soul would throw a childish tantrum to get that which he wanted no matter the cost, body being the reckless big brother, would give it to him. Body had taught soul to be greedy and selfish. He wanted it all and could not stop and neither was he ever satisfied. Body would look on and shout his famous slogan “Y.O.L.O” and soul would laugh in happiness as he agreed.

Spirit remained in the dungeon year after year calling out to soul to cease what he was doing as it had eternal repercussions in form of death to him but not for body. Soul would always hear this in the form of a still small voice. The voice was loudest each time he had finished doing his everyday acts. Each time soul would ran to body and ask what it was. Body promised him it was nothing much as he sent the guards to silence spirit afraid he would woo soul to his side.

More years passed by with spirit always making a fervent prayer to their father to send the one he had promised. It was indeed the worst of times as body reigned but no one would see it as they were all blinded to body’s vague and mortal reign. Soul over the years had started asking deep questions that body could not answer. He had all he needed and wanted but there was still a deep void within him. Body in his foolish mind and lack of understanding of such a divinely inspired concept would respond merrily “Have more money, have more wine, have more women\men. Nothing fixes problems as a beautiful woman eh” he said laughing loudly.

On one of the sunny afternoons as soul took a walk in the place, spirit called up to him. Spirit would always ignore this call and in truth afraid he brother would get word of it. This day however was different and spirit knew it too for their father had already answered his prayer. Spirit smiled in joy as he saw soul. He reached out lovingly to soul with his arms sticking out the bars. Soul held the skinny hands and cried as he wondered how spirit would be so glad after all he had done to spirit. Spirit kissed souls hands as tears flowed down his cheeks.

Soul could not help it and also started crying ashamed of all he had done to spirit. “Look at you dear brother, you are all grown up and so handsome” Spirit said joyfully. For the first time in years souls felt an aura of peace, joy and love. He felt safe and loved for nothing but just because. “Forgive me brother” soul said as spirit replied even before he could finish “I forgive you”. Spirit motioned soul to his right and as he followed his gaze he saw a man he had never seen before yet seemed to know well. He reminded him of his father for he was just like him.

All the questions he ever had were answered even without saying the question out aloud. “Brother it was was you who called out to me in a small voice” soul cried as he looked at spirit in awe. “Yes it was and this is Jesus the one who will redeem you. All you have to do is say yes to Him as you confess all you have done to Him.” Soul had no shadow of doubt in his mind what he wanted and said yes as he cried his heart out to Jesus who remained smiling and joyful as soul accepted Him freely.

When soul opened his eyes, he could not believe the site he saw. Spirit was no longer a skinny man looking but was in a glorified body like that of a great king and the bars of the dungeon burst out for they could not contain him anymore. He now looked exactly like Jesus and his Father. He did not know how to respond but knew automatically what to do. He bowed low and all he could utter was “oh hail the king of my soul” finally realizing who He had been standing before.


Oh dear body how high and mighty you have raised yourself throughout the ages. It is ironic how the least of them all could be the loudest. The world has come to know you as king over all, we are all to be forgiven to have though so, for all we could see and touch was you.


Today I tell you the truth, the body is not the true king

The body knows its days are short

The body is only obsessed with vanity and self in that time

The body has nothing to lose in the end as it will rot one day, but the soul has everything to lose in the end for it is immortal and will live to pay body’s sins

The way of the body is only one, death

Matthew 16:26 “For what will it profit a man if he gains the whole world and forfeits his soul? Or what will a man give in exchange for his soul?”

Matthew 10:28 “Do not fear those who kill the body but are unable to kill the soul; but rather fear Him who is able to destroy both soul and body in hell.”




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