Remember me when I awake

Remember me when I go through the day

Remember me in the evening

Remember me when I lay in bed at night

Remember to watch over me when I sleep at night

Remember your grace for me when I fall short

Remember to hold me when I do not want to go on anymore

Remember your promises for me when I cannot

Remember to remind me of your love for me when I forget

Remember to put a smile on my face each day

Remember to tell me not to strive but be still

Remember to guide me to your Will always

Remember to embrace me and remind me all works together for good for those who love You

Remember to alert me when I am blind to your love gestures to me during my day and night

Remember to remind me what matters everyday

Remember to sing to me a love song even when I feel lost in love

Remember to carry me through the sand when I am finished and cannot walk anymore

Remember that I love you to bits even when I am throwing a childish tantrum

Remember not to forget me even for a second

Remember life without you for me spells death, don’t let go rather I am not letting go

Remember your mercy for me that I may be found worthy when the time comes to go home

Remember mercy, unfailing love and grace for us all before you make all things right in this world

Remember to catch us up in splendor when the world falls apart

Remember me, Remember us. Always and forever.


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