There are many things in our lives that seemed would be but there eventuality actually never was. In such moments we wonder why and the great ‘what if’ is heard in our minds. We cry at times when we think of what could have been. All factors at the moment tell us we have lost a great thing. That man or woman you could have married, that great job opportunity you missed on, that once in a lifetime scholarship you let pass by, that lucky ticket number that could have made you a millionaire, that lost baby before its time came to be and so much more. I have personally thought of such circumstances in my life and had my big what if too. I stopped in one of those moments and saw something else.

I looked around and saw a bigger picture. I was shocked to realise the whole world at large is one big occurrence of that which never was. Look Around you, what do you see? All I see is sadness, grief, lack of contentment, lost expectations, bitterness, greed, brokenness, hopelessness and a mundane world. These feelings have no mercy and have not spared our young ones. I was shocked to see a 10 year old child commit suicide just because life had become too much. I watched this in horror. If such a tender young soul can say that, what am I to say?

What happened to the innocence and joy of childhood? What happened to the pure concept of love? The beauty of true friendship? The authentic and genuine care of family and friends? What happened to earning an honest living? What happened to the enjoyment of the priceless gifts of nature that are on our way every day? What of the grateful hearts for the smallest of actions? Who remembers the warm kind hearts to strangers and the homeless? What about no strings attached acts of selflessness? What of humanity where did that go? Where did we lose it?

I hate the definition of the world today. The worst is the fact we have accepted the world as it is and choose to live it out as the norm. It’s like we believe this is what life is. One of the things I have come to detest the most is the lies told to us from time in memorial that have become our truth. We believe that a bad marriage is ok, better you who is married than a single person. We are okay if blood is not always thicker than water, I mean ask the brother who took his own brother’s life and showed no remorse for taking his own blood. We stay in jobs we do not like and truly beneath our capacity just for security. You are a fool if you think you can start your own business and succeed so many remain in the job that has become their prison cell. Look at life in general, many people are walking around dressed in worry, stress, sadness and depression. Surely what happened to the blissful life God intended for us?

Is this what God intended for us when He created us? This is a question that has disturbed my mind for a while now. In many moments of wonder, my mind was quickly taken back to the first days on the earth. Adam and Eve looked amazing. They played and sung joyfully in the Garden of Eden. What beauty, what simplicity, what untold bliss they experienced in those moments. It was surreal and unbelievable as it is like nothing we have ever experienced. They were content with everything and in need of nothing. I felt the Lord’s smile of pleasure in the moment. wow! This is it God. This is what I am talking about, why don’t we have it today?

He made it clear that this was exactly what He created the world for. As I enjoyed the bliss never wanting to return to my troubling time, the dark one arrived and took it all away. Not by a machine gun, an atomic bomb or a sword but by the sweetest lie we had ever heard. It’s in that moment I knew the world had just lost that that was meant to be and the next decades, centuries and millennium would be spent in the big question ‘what if’.

What if we had not listened to the lie? What would our world look like today? Limitless unconditional love, Joy unspeakable, unending peace and blissfulness that no mind has even dared dream of. Love would be love, family would be family. We would live for only that which matters and enjoy an unlimited and un-distracted relationship with the maker. As I said though, what if! I wonder how my dear God feels when He looks unto this world today. It is nothing He intended or planned and can only say “look at the world today. The one that never was”. Anyone would be aggrieved if their beautiful creation turned rogue.

I thank God for His love is never failing and even while still sinners He created an escape route for us. A second chance to experience the bliss that the world has lost sight off. What a persistent lover God is. Not even our sin could keep Him away. I thank Him for, through His son Jesus Christ, we are given an opportunity to experience that which we lost. It will not be in this life but the next where we shall be immortals and live in the everlasting life that He grants us when we accept His son. I thank God for the second chance at that which never was for our world.

cover-print-710x450 (1)

I don’t know about you but I accepted the offer and can’t wait to live blissfully with Him soon. I indeed look up to the sky as I know my salvation draws near for my bridegroom, the King is coming to take me home with Him. His offer is still open, all you have to do is say YES!;


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