House Hunting

House owner/real estate agent giving away the keys

Every once in a while we decide it’s time to leave our current houses and find newer and better ones. The reason in making such a decision varies from a sense of adventure that comes with each move, a need to improve one’s status or physical difficulties that have become unbearable in your house.

Recently we found ourselves in that place where we had to make the necessary move. The move was inspired by the many numerous challenges we were encountering on a daily basis. It being a New Year, one of our resolutions became to find a new home for the new beginning.

I on the other side saw the move as exciting as I love love love new experiences and places. My excitement was soon shot down as I came to learn house hunting is not easy. This is the first time I was in a proactive position to find a house. Being the one with free time on her hands, I was charged with this daunting task, with help from my lovely twin during her free weekends. And so I started my ‘amazing’ job as a house hunter. ‘Let the search begin’.

As I write this now, we are obviously settled in our new home which we absolutely love and adore. It’s exactly what we were looking for and honestly more than what we asked for. We can afford to smile now forgetting the tedious, discouraging and draining journey it has been. Me being me, I knew I had to share some valuable lessons that we learnt, to all aspiring to make the big move. Here goes.

  1. Work smart not hard: Decide which area you want, what kind of a house you need, its size, the physical attributes you desire in your new home\estate and what price range you are working with. This narrows down your search and saves you much time. And need I say frustration of working too hard for nothing.
  2. BEWARE of online conmen who pose as agents and home owners: Majority of the online platforms are flooded with conmen. I have interacted with over 5 within the month I was house hunting. The first time I almost send money before viewing the house thinking honestly they were genuine. Thank God we didn’t. It is worth to note not all the online house search engines are untrustworthy. The following are sites I found quite helpful in our search: Lamudi, Property24 Kenya and Keja hunt. The Facebook page, Who is moving out I move in was also quite resourceful.
  3. Don’t put all your eggs in one basket: Please don’t leave the house hunt solely to an agent. Some agents are not as vigilant in searching the house for you and most don’t appreciate your urgent need to find the house. The worst is after you give some agents your money, you can trust never to hear from them again. So, as legit agents search the house for you, also actively search for one.
  4. Agent Referrals: I found agents gotten through referrals most genuine, reliable and trustworthy. Ask your family and friends for agent numbers they have used before and who delivered this service effectively. We eventually got an agent referred to us by our friend who turned out to be great.
  5. House hunting methods: Employ online searches, agents searches and physical searches in the estates you would want to live in. This will help you cover much ground and from either you may get your house.
  6. Room for compromise: Sometimes you will not always get what you want. You know that penthouse with the city’s view #lifegoals and its okay. What is important though is to make a conscious decision on those things you are willing to compromise on and those that you will not.

Also you may end up not living in the estate that you set out to search. It does not mean you will never, just maybe it’s not yet time to make the big move there. The question is however is are you willing to fit that fact in your compromise list?

  1. Be patient: House hunting is a truly daunting and tedious task. You may not get what you want as soon as you expected. We had to develop patience as we waited to get what we wanted otherwise we would have settled for a place that we’d dislike eventually regretting our rushed decision. Patience will allow you to find a good home for the best price.
  2. Pray about it: Ask for God’s guidance in leading you to your desired home. At the end of the day for us, it was the earnest prayer to find a good home that eventually led us to our desired nest. God is pretty good with details and usually offers a better offer than we offer ourselves.
  3. 9. Finally relax: Don’t be consumed and give in to the frustration of house hunting, you will eventually find what you are looking for. It may not seem so in the first days of the search. It may take time but find solace in the fact that you will indeed find what you are looking for.

I hope you find those few tips helpful and feel free to add more. At the end of the day for us it has been more of a walk of faith than it has been of sight, #the audacity of faith. We choose to believe our house was there even when we had not seen it and the search was not only unfruitful but had hit a rock wall. Eventually and right on time the Lord Jesus ordered our steps to our new home. I am glad to announce our faith did not fail us.

Proud to be ticking one resolution out of my list. Moving on to the next.



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