27 Random Facts About Me


I can’t believe I have not written in such a long time. Thank God the technical issues are now in the past. So, I just realised I begun this blog a while back and started writing away. Hahahahaha. Today I decided I would tell you a little about myself. By now you know I am a lawyer by profession with a passion for justice. I am deeply in love with my darling Lord Jesus, Papa God and my sweet Holy Spirit. I am born again, not perfect and fall a million times in a day. My greatest cheerleaders in this walk of faith which is not easy, are God, Jesus and Holy Spirit. It is written a righteous man falls seven times, and rises again, but the wicked stumble in time of calamity Proverbs 24:16.It is with my life lessons and experiences as a born again Christian I write to encourage and inspire all those in this journey and those who will get to know God from them. Having said that, here are totally random facts about Ruth Nzioka, Me!

  1. I was born seven minutes after my beloved twin sister.
  2. I love bananas greatly. I eat at least four in a day, otherwise I don’t feel normal.
  3. Back in primary school my nick name was HCT. My family pimped it up to be Hsweety.
  4. My strange addiction is peeling my lips. I do it all the time. I don’t understand how people have the same lip skin every day. I have new skin always. Don’t come around saying you know this sweet lips, trust me you don’t.
  5. My fantasies are as follows:                                                                                                              a) To go to a new town, have a new identity and personality.                                                  b) To swim in mud.                                                                                                                              c) To hit a group of people on the road like a bowling bowl (Disclaimer: Because of the seriousness of the crime, I will use mannequins instead).                                                 d) In the middle of a tantrum fit,to break all glass around me as I shout “Aaaaaaaaaah!”
  6. I am that person who really misses hanging out with people but within the first few minutes of conversing, my introverted nature is like “I am tired now. I need to go back to my solitude to recharge”.
  7. I fear heights. On a high place, I get dizzy and nauseated.
  8. If I was not a lawyer, I would have taken up dancing as a fun career option.
  9. I am honestly tired of living on land. I feel it has become too cliché. I will soon be moving to the sea. I just need a sustainable form of living before going there. In case any of you come looking for me, my new address then will be bikini bottom.
  10. I am a quiet person and hardly speak much. Others would beg to differ with me on this one. Guess it is dependent on which personality one brings out in me.
  11. I still watch cartoons and a great fan of spongebob squarepants. Why? They still have a blissful innocence and full of joy. Everyone deserves a go to happy place in this crazy world and that’s it for me.
  12. As ironic as this may sound being a girl and all, I don’t wear high heels. I only wear them during special occasions and controlled areas like weddings.
  13. Speaking of shoes, I am a flat foot. This means I can’t stand for long periods and if I unfortunately do, there is a possibility of fainting.
  14. I am BIG on time. There is nothing that gets me like a dishonored time agreement. Heads up to all those who think of walking into my court room late or a business meeting.
  15. I honestly do not like talking on the phone. I can’t explain it. I am one of those people who would prefer phone calls be made only on an urgent or business basis. Those who know me are well aware I text mostly unless it’s something urgent.
  16. Friday’s are my best days on earth.
  17. I studied at three high schools during my secondary education. Don’t ask and no I was not a rebel.
  18. Talking of rebellion, back in university I started a movement against a local radio presenter for a mean comment about a fellow student who had died. The move got its way into the local newspaper.
  19. I love french fries and will marry them one day.
  20. Once on a family outing, a lady approached me as I was leaving the restaurant and asked if I could point her to the ladies. I automatically replied “Which ladies?”. Why doesn’t the earth open up and eat people when you need it to?
  21. I hate snails with a passion. I mean what’s up with their slimy bodies and them leaving a trail behind? Though a calm person most of the time, I lose my composure as soon as I see a snail in sight. I become all ninja warrior on them pouring all salt available in the house as I chant war phrases. I cannot touch or deal with anything I know a snail has walked on. You may ask what if it walked on my hand. GOOD QUESTION.I would definitely cut it! Daaaaaaaaaah!
  22. I have conversations with God all the time. It’s ironic how I hear no audible sound and neither in the presence of a physical being yet, I actually know and feel I am talking to someone. A joke will even be said in the midst of a conversation and I laugh “Nice one God. Nice one!”.
  23. I once ate a whole packet of crisps from morning to evening. I took nothing else except water and short bathroom visits. Yap the pack was that big.
  24. I am a conservative eater and hardly experiment on new foods. To give you a clue, I have ordered like 97% of the time the same meal in every restaurant I have been to.it doesn’t matter whether it was the Hilton Hotel or a small food kiosk.
  25. Contrary to popular belief I actually enjoyed reading the law textbooks. I read them like novels at first then seriously. I remember getting teary when one of my favourite units, law of the sea came to an end. I turned to my friend and said “I really enjoyed this unit and will miss it”. She looked at me and said “Ruthie you are crazy!”.
  26. So I once had a dream cooking donuts. I had prepared the dough and was about to deep them in the hot oil but then woke up before I could. So here is the thing, I still wait to finish my cooking each time I go to bed. I honestly have never had closure from that experience.
  27. I speak to my twin sister all the time as long as I can. Funny thing is that I have never gotten bored or felt the need to get space from her. In fact our conversations never have enough time to finish. We always need more time although my mum is of the opinion that our conversations are never ending so we don’t need more time just have to cut them short.



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