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Once upon a time there was a small boy who loved to play with fire. While other young boys enjoyed a toy car or playing in the mad, this sweet boy wanted nothing more than to play with matches and obviously fire. While the parents were not watching he would sneak out into the backyard and light a match. His eyes would light up and smile happily as he saw things go up in flames. He would always light another match and do the same thing over and over again until he heard his mum or someone else coming. He had learnt to hide his love for fire from his parents and most times they did not suspect what he was up to. Or so he thought. His parents had known what he had been doing and choose to pretend they didn’t know as they knew sooner or later he would come to learn his lesson.

His love for fire was his little secret and nobody had to ever know. Unfortunately nobody ever taught the little boy the pros and cons of playing with fire. No one told him that if he played with fire too long it would come to burn him. His only thought was that he would always keep it under control so that it did not get out of hand. Simple right?

Well on one bright and shiny morning the little boy woke up with great excitement. Today he would try to burn plastic instead of his usual paper to see what would happen. On this day his mum would not be going to work and so he decided the barn would be the perfect place to hide. “Thank you for the yummy breakfast mommy” he said in that sweet tone that he would use each time he wanted to do something bad. His mum laughed and said “Oh welcome honey”. “I am going to play now, mommy see you later” he said as he ran out.

He opened the big door and ran up the stairs. He sat on the wide wood planks which had spaces big enough to see beneath. Mum would not find him easily here. He pulled out the bag full of plastics that he had hidden close by. He lit up the first plastic bottle. He was completely fascinated by how plastic melted away in a ball of liquid fire for each drop. Not wanting to burn the floor, he sat next to one of the openings so that as the plastic melted, it would fall down instead of the wooden floor.

He kept burning the plastic one after the other completely indulged in the activity. After a while he saw smoke start to rise from below. He started to choke and wondered what was burning. Unknown to him the small drops of liquid fire that he had been burning landed on the hay below and slowly one drop after the other the hay started to burn. He stood up alarmed and looked downstairs. A fire huger than his small self was beneath him and he did not know how to get out.

He looked in utter horror in what was unfolding before him. The fire was coming up fast. He feared he would die and for once in his life he shouted for his mum to come and save him. His voice was desperate and fear registered in each shout. He all of a sudden hated the same fire that he had come to love with all his heart. That same fire was before him and would take his life if no one saved him. He had absolutely no control over it and knew by now he had gone too far.

Most of the times in our lives, while making a decision we are alone and to put it more bluntly require no one’s help. We tell ourselves, this is our decision and we will make it alone. We are happy to make decisions that are pleasing to us, whether good or bad it doesn’t matter. As long as it makes us happy and fulfills our desires.

A few days, months, years down the line we find ourselves in a fix for the decision we SOLELY made for ourselves. At this point many seek to blame others for the decision now turned to a mistake. Kindly if you find yourself here, don’t blame anyone or worse God. You alone made that decision in your own freewill and not others. Take responsibility for it.

As usual our dear Father in Heaven saw it all and watched us go through each motion of our lives that we SOLELY decided to go through. You asked everyone including Him to step back for you were an adult capable of making your own decisions. He remained silent seeing the future and knowing at some point you’d ask for His help as we all do need Him.
On the day your SOLE decision turns sour, you quickly realize it was not such a good idea to make a decision without consulting someone or better praying and seeking His guidance. Now the decision you made is up in flames and only thing you can do is cry out “Dear Lord save me. Save me from this fire that is about to consume me”.

How sweet He is for not even such foolish decisions keep Him away. He was always there waiting and whispering in the dark but you never really topped to listen. Not for a moment did He forsake you. Not for a moment did He forget you. After all He is all constant. After all He is only good. After all He is sovereign. After all His unfailing love never fails us, neither gives up and on that day we cry out for help, He will hear our cry, save us and restore us. This is the God who pursues you and me every day.


8 thoughts on “THE BOY AND THE FIRE

      1. Only bad people would look on as their child plays with fire and not do anything about it.
        Let me ask you this: is there a lesson you’d let your child learn on their own without any sort of interference on your part?

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    1. Yes, I realize some children are difficult. But the parents in this story were wrong to have ignored it. Sure, maybe the boy would have disregarded their warning, but they would at least have tried. Suppose something tragic happened, these parents would not have been blameless.
      Which brings me to the next point: you didn’t say what happened to the boy.
      What happened to the boy? Did anybody save the boy? The suspense is very unsettling, Ruth.

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      1. Hahahahhahaha.I am enjoying reading your concerns.I hear you loud and clear.This means that you should watch out for a part two of the story?Will the boy survive or die?…………to be continued.

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