As the last days come to a fast close, I cannot help but feel bittersweet. I honestly cannot believe we are the last generation of the world. Surely the 80’s and 90’s didn’t even give a hint of the birth of the last generation. As far as our parents were concerned, we were just beginning our life on earth with a bright, long and prosperous future ahead. Now to think we may never even get to live out the usual life stages is just too much for my small heart. To know the world I have come to know and love is about to change drastically leaves me dump folded and heart broken.

The day I received this news, was like any other. As usual I said, yes Jesus is coming soon, but deep within me I would always say probably the far future. On that day however, it was different. My eyes blinked twice and looked at the message again as my heart got gripped by deep urgency. I received the message and believed as I got on my knees to repent and seek mercy. To have this overwhelming knowledge and revelation of this final seconds on earth,one would think I am overjoyed but the opposite is true.

My life to me is far too small compared to the other people who have defined what being alive has meant to me. The thought of any of them being left behind fills me with grief. My heart is gripped with sorrow for the souls of my family, friends and other humans that have not yet received Jesus Christ as their Lord and Saviour. I cannot bear to think of what is about to come upon this world. Each time I think of it, all I can say over and over a million times over is “Mercy Lord, Mercy Lord. Please have mercy on all our souls. Surely no one should be left behind”.

Sometimes as humans we may be so hurt, annoyed, aggrieved by one person or another and pray silently and bitterly for vengeance. Other times when they go through something bad we have heard ourselves say “Serves them right!”. Today however I cannot wish what is to come on my worst enemy. My heart breaks and tears flow freely as I beg for mercy, for all in this world. What beautiful creation we humans are “Lord please have mercy on all our souls”.

As the doors of mercy slowly close, I beg and implore all of us who are born again to pray for God’s mercy and conversion of souls not yet born again as we repent of sin for ourselves and the nations. Let’s keep praying that we may be found worthy of the rapture that is no longer soon but can even occur in this present moment.

What is that that you need to do today to be right with God? Have you done it? Have you accepted His one and only son, Jesus Christ who died on the cross for you in your life? Have you been walking as He called you to, that is righteousness? What is that that you would do if you knew today is your final day on earth and that tomorrow you were to face your Maker in judgment? DO IT NOW! There is no more time left. It’s not about yesterday but today, this very moment. This is OUR LAST CHANCE in this last generation.



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