Happy New Year! Hahahaha, I know I know it’s 8th January and a little late. Better late than never. I have always loved Friday’s and it’s no wonder Friday’s have seen me write the most random posts as am in my relaxed, easy and cheeky person.

So, one thing that I have not made secret is my love for God and His amazing ways. He still is the best thing in my life every day. So here I am on this lovely Friday and my genius mind comes up with a great idea.To ask God random questions.Me bright,i know.I turned to Him like “Sweet Jesus, with all due respect, can I be a little cheeky with you?” Knowing me quite well and what is about to go down,laughs and says “Go ahead, dear child.” I paused for a moment as I begun to first explain how all I would ask was on a light note. He laughed kindly as He made a funny expression which was similar to that my twin makes when I start a long speech before I get to the main point. I laughed as I got the point. I proceeded to ask with great humour:

  1. If my Wonderful Counselor Holy Spirit was not called so what would be His name?
  2. If earth is your foot stool, how comes I never see your feet?
  3. Do you laugh when you see comedies about you?
  4. Do you eat and if you do what’s your favourite meal?
  5. What do you do during your “me” time? Do you even have “me” time?
  6. If you were not God what profession would you pursue?
  7. Have you ever laughed and almost cried while seeing some of the things humans do?
  8. Are there times you have ever thought of breaking up with us?
  9. When I get to heaven may I kindly get the DVD of my life? I would like to see the moments that were blind to my eyes, like when my guardian angel battled a demon on my behalf. It will be quite an action movie to watch.
  10. When I sleep at night twisting and turning and almost falling out of bed do you pull me back to bed before I fall on my head? Wait I will see that in the DVD of my life.
  11. Do you have leave days from being God? And if you do where do you go for vacation?
  12. Do you have Christmas trees in heaven?
  13. In my last random blog on thoughts I asked what it means to be in heaven forever and ever and ever what does this mean?
  14. In the heaven will I have a super power?
  15. What are the most interesting prayers and requests you have received from people?
  16. On that note do animals pray and if they do what do they pray for?
  17. Do you ever get tired of reminding us not to fear or your love for us?
  18. So maybe now that I am asking random questions, may I be bold to question your omnipresence in all my thoughts and ways? Isn’t this invasion of privacy?
  19. Lord the sky has always been blue since I was born. Wouldn’t it be nice if the colour changed every year? New Year New thing you know.
  20. How comes you created me as a twin instead of a single human?
  21. Lord I would like to file a complaint against the sun. It is too hot in January. May you kindly reduce the heat?
  22. Not being one to waste a precious opportunity as such, let me finish by asking in advance, would you be my valentine this year?

My humble prayer for all of us this year is that we may all grow deeper and closer in our intimate relationship with our Lord and Savior Jesus Christ. As He surely promised when you seek Him you will find Him. And surely as His love transforms our lives may we greatly touch the lives of those around us with His love.

Cheers to the great year that is about to go down! 🙂




  1. hahahaha this has made my oh so boring and dull week.Thank you twiny.Why are we twins anyway?weird right?:-)
    So maybe now that I am asking random questions, may I be bold to question your omnipresence in all my thoughts and ways? Isn’t this invasion of privacy?(killer hahaha).

    Liked by 1 person

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