100th Blog post

The year 2015 is finally over. All thanks to our darling Father for allowing us to be here today. Funny how when I look at the year that was, I feel like it has passed by in a day. Today I took out my diary which I had written my new year’s resolutions. This was back on 31st December 2014 at 1600 hours.I looked at each resolution as I ticked each that I had achieved and an x against the ones I hadn’t attained. I laughed mostly since its funny how a new year makes us all go into a frenzy of writing new aspirations with hope of achieving them all. As I ticked and crossed it, it became clear to me I had achieved 50% of what I had written.

Speaking of achieved resolutions, I got to start this blog back in January with a target of 100 Blog posts by close of year 2015.Well, this is my 100th blog post and it’s 31st December 2015 (Dusting my shoulder.)download (6)Happy dance.Happy dance.Happy dance

8i6oyeyKTMany of us have seen the joke, my new year’s resolutions for 2016 are the ones for 2015 which are based on the ones for 2014, written back in 2013.Hahahahahahhaha.Aren’t we human hilarious? When one looks at it like this, it does seem hopeless. I however look at it differently as I can’t help but be amazed by the truth of God’s control in our lives. It’s so subtle yet so evident in ach second of our lives. Instead of being annoyed at the fact that our resolutions are no match for God’s already set plans, I smile because it’s sweet to think He only desires to point us in the right direction even when we cannot see it.

I may not have attained all the 15 resolutions I had jotted down back in 2014 but it does not mean I did not achieve anything. I got to achieve that which God had set me to achieve in this year and He added other accomplishments that were not mine but His in accordance with His ever perfect Will.

Do I count it loss I did not achieve everything on my list? Not really. I believe I am where I am meant to be today in accordance with God’s plans. There are plans that I made that were not meant to be achieved in 2015, yet as I am about to step into a new one, I see clearly that the Lord had planned 2016 to be their time. As I look back despite my “failed” resolutions, I feel like a conqueror for in His time surely and truly everything is beautiful.

As a New Year begins tomorrow, as usual I took out my new notebook and jotted down my “new” resolutions at 0800hours.I love how despite it all we still are hopeful that in the New Year we will, THIS TIME be able to achieve ALL our resolutions. This time round I kept it simple as I want God to surprise me as He has done in this year. I wrote specific things I purpose to achieve excluding those that are made in jubilant excitement of a new year.

I don’t know about you but it’s about time 2015 came to an end. It has been a great and sad year at the same time for me. I am truly looking forward to a fresh new start with a brand new beginning. To all the baggage, sorrow, sadness, under achievements, let downs and set backs of 2015,it’s time to get off the bus for I am not taking you with me into 2016.To the exciting new beginning and fresh start, I honestly cannot wait to make your acquaintance.

Happy New Year 2016 to you all.;;


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