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Isn’t the concept of time interesting? How is it that the world’s affairs are dictated by the clock? Everything is set and arranged with time as a top priority. Can you imagine what the world would look like without time? It seems impossible,for our coming to this earth was marked by the doctor stating the time and our departing from this world will be marked by the doctor calling the time of our death. It seems the first and last thing we hear in this world is time.Time,a silent ruler in our world.

Isn’t it interesting when people who have been to the other side of life, say that time there does not exist? In that world time means nothing and features nowhere. This concept blows my mind as I do not understand how organization can be achieved without time. Yet our God is all knowing and still maintains His order in that world. I guess my human mind is far too small to understand the ways of our mysterious God.

Isn’t it also interesting how time has various meanings to people at different times? It’s slow when you wait, fast when you are late, deadly when you are depressed, short when you are happy, endless when you are in pain, long when you are bored. To a couple in love, it is forever. To a sick man in the hospital it is precious. A man in prison has all the time in the world. Time can seem short in the happy times and quite long through the rough days. That interview took 10 minutes but it felt as if it had been five hours. Indeed time can be defined not just by clocks but also our feelings and emotions.

Isn’t it interesting how despite our human effort to control time whether by the clock or by our feelings, God still calls the shots of time! This is seen in the book of Ecclesiastes chapter 3:1-8 on ‘A time for everything’. Every single moment is already set and will go according to His plan. We don’t always understand this (maybe we were never meant to) yet it’s clear in verse 11 “He has made everything beautiful in its time…”

Isn’t it interesting how we all place different value on the time God has given us? What’s your time worth? Is it worth your loved ones or amassing wealth and achievements? I have not always spend my time focusing on the most important things or projects yet i purpose to deliberately remember, to spend my time with the people and on the things that matter the most before my time runs out. I don’t promise God, my family and friends to never fail but I do commit to make this conscious choice every day. So help me God.



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