As I grew up, I did not know many things but one thing was for sure, I loved weddings and I wanted one for myself once I was of age. It was the most beautiful ceremony I had ever seen and the bride was the epitome of the event. She was so beautiful and gracious, looking as if she had come from heaven. The groom would look at her as if she was the most valuable diamond to walk this earth and utterly amazed to think it was he who had the sole pleasure to have her till death did them part. People were happy and looked amazing as they celebrated the two. It was indeed a happy day and I could not help but look forward for another wedding to attend. Being a child I did not know what the word ‘dream’ meant at the time but I had a dream that one day I would walk down the aisle to meet the man of my dreams. How I longed for that day.

One would think that growing up would see one leave childhood desires behind such as candy. Ok, I stopped liking excessively sweet candy when I grew up. The desire to be a bride one day did not however leave my heart. If anything the desire grew. Ladies have often been guilty of planning their wedding to the last detail even when there is no groom in sight. I am guilty as charged. I have already imagined the wedding set up, the theme colour, the song I will walk down the aisle with, the song for the first dance, the menu, the design of the wedding dress and every last detail is already well thought of. hahahahahaha how so dreamy we girls are. A girl can dream right?

As we dream of the grand wedding, we cannot help but also dream of the groom waiting for us at the end of the aisle. How so expectant our heart’s are with regard to the man who will have our heart’s forever. We imagine a wonderful prince who will love us unconditionally. Who will accept us with our flaws, with our not so perfect body or hair, one who will adore our perfect imperfections. One who will adore our sensitive nature, as it is just a cry to be loved just as we are. One who will see us in our worst state and still say “you are the cutest person I have ever seen” as he looks at you with that look as if he is seeing you for the first time. One who knows what you want to say even before we say it. One who is our best friend. One who will love and be a great dad to our children and put us, his family first. One would call this a perfect man.

We are not always that lucky to find such a man. Most unluckily end up with selfish men who think of nothing else but themselves. I am sad to realize how many women are actually lonely when they are in a marriage. What a blow to my childhood dreams of the amazing institution called marriage. Some are not that unlucky and have got amazing husbands who adore them and love them more every day.

What if I told you today, it does not matter whether you have been in the worst relationship or marriage or a great marriage that there is a chance of having your fairy tale wedding all over again? Would you believe me? A chance to marry not prince charming but the best man to ever walk this earth. How amazing would this be, right?

Well it is going to happen and the only question is would you like to marry the prince of peace, king of kings and Lord of Lords? The only perfect man who has loved you more than anyone in the world before. One who loves you just as you are wit all your brokenness, dirt, no make-up, no perfection, bad hair day and craziness.

The world is living out its last days with most of the end time signs such as the blood moon and trumpet sounds having been heard all around the world. We are indeed not in our final hour but the final few minutes before, He, the prince of peace, Jesus Christ Second Coming occurs. Well we all know what a perfect King as He would want to come for. HIS BRIDE, the church. He cannot wait to finally be united with the bride He died for and courted 2000 years ago. Who wouldn’t want to be together finally with the love that has made His heart beat since creation?

The only one problem is just as most brides are on earth, His bride is not yet ready. Each time that He has wanted to come, He has seen that she is still having her hair done or plain oblivious of the big day which is near and so as any longing groom would do, He lovingly reminds her that everyone is ready, the feast is also except her. Lovely bride please prepare yourself. You surely do not want to be left out of your own wedding.

To know that the God of the universe loves me enough to call me His bride (the church) I cannot help but get excited. The world’s most perfect love story continues to be written. To think of the many heartbreaks people we have gone through being with one that did not love us truly and now to hear the Lord Himself is going to be our second chance at the perfect love story brings great joy to my heart. It’s at this point I realize the marriages’ on earth are only a rehearsal on how to love for the real wedding day is yet to be.

Today I would like to encourage all who are hurting in their lives because they have never really been loved. Be it by a parent, a child, a friend or mostly a spouse. The days of tears and sadness are soon coming to an end if you are a born again Christian. All the lack in love on earth will not compare to the love Jesus Christ will give you for eternity. For the ones who have not yet met Jesus as their personal savior, there is still time. He loves you more than you will ever know and wants nothing from but your heart, will you give it to Him? He is the only way truth and life to heaven. His second return is near and is calling on all of us to be prepared for only those who have accepted Him into their lives as their Lord and savior will get to be His bride when He comes again.

I am truly looking forward for the day I will walk down the aisle and finally have the only perfect man as the groom awaiting me. My heart pounds loudly at the thought for I am not sure how I will react to have Him and Him me for eternity. Surrounded by His glory what will my heart feel ,will I dance for Him or in awe of Him be still, will I stand in His presence or to my knees will I fall ,will I be able to speak at all ,I can only imagine.


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