What is the source of your HOPE?


Recently we were having a conversation with my sisters. We reminisced on how the year 2015 had been a real challenge and also how difficult life can get generally. We all concurred that in the right circumstances desperation can lead anyone to do desperate acts in the name of getting by or forgetting what they are going through. Sorrow I have come to learn though painful and unwished, is a great teacher. Sorrow has taught me a lesson on humility as I relate with people and stripped me off the judgmental attitude I had for lack of understanding.

We listened to one story of a lady who had gone to extremely unnatural means to get her daily bread for her family. We all cringed at the shocking act and concluded that our life’s situation had not reached such extremes. Who were we to judge her any way when in any given circumstances anyone can get that desperate and do anything?

This saw us move our conversation to yet another level of discussion. If life is this hard, cruel, unfair, sad, meaningless generally, then where do we get the strength to wake up and face each new day? Such a mundane and tasteless endeavor should be cut short right? This desperate thought has seen many of our fellow brothers and sisters, end their life, for it was too much to bear.
The simple answer that came to all our minds at once was HOPE.A four letter word was the simple yet profound answer. Man can do without food for a couple of weeks and survive, without education ,do fine, yet without hope a man rather take their own life than face another day without it. This night seemed to be spent in asking questions, for yet the next discussion begun in a question. What is the source of this hope for a person? What is the reason we wake up every morning?

Various people on earth place their hope in various things. For the wealthy, their money seems to not only be their source of hope but their power. For some women it is their body and beauty. For young children their parents and their parents them. For people in love their spouses. For the working, their jobs. For celebrities, their fame. For politicians the desire to rule a people. For the oppressed, freedom. For the gamblers, luck. For doctors a healed patient. For lawyers a case won. For a business person the interest of their risk in the business and so much more.

As a person I interrogated the truth of my living every day. I looked at all the things and people around me. I used to think my being in love was motivating enough to make me wake up each morning, then I wondered what of the days my heart would be broken? Then I thought perhaps the idea of becoming one of the greatest lawyers in my country was good enough, then I thought, what if I never actually see the day I become one? Then I thought of my beloved family, then I wondered what if my family preceded the grave before me, what would I do then?

I honestly thought these are what kept me going but I found out this was not so. None of these were enough to keep me going. At one point or the other they would either die if human, fade or be lost if things. It’s at this point I realized,the one and only reason that gave me confidence to wake up was my hope who is Jesus Christ. I would have been forgiven for the shock that was on my face at this revelation. I honestly thought at first I was living for things and people but it had been Jesus all along.

hope 2
I found out I was nothing without Him. Knowing that He is forever present, never leaves me and sustains my desires, dreams, breath, love, work, family, achievements and all that I am gives me hope to face each new day. All that I am is in Him as He makes life have meaning when to me it actually does not. I realized further that His relentless love for me that is endless even when there is nothing good in me makes me valuable and worthy. This fact gives me faith for a future I have not yet seen for He promises a good one as it is written in His word. I concluded that if therefore Jesus was to be eliminated from the equation of my life, I would voluntarily and promptly pull that trigger and end my life.

So today allow me to ask you, what is the source of your hope in this life?



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