God’s Graduation


There are landmark moments in one’s life and graduating is one of them. The mark of the end of one academic journey into another. I remember my first graduation as if it was yesterday. I was a ball of joy yet so anxious. The excitement in my heart was like no other feeling. I felt every possible feeling at once. I was even afraid I would explode as happiness itself. I remember posing for a moment and wondering “if graduation makes me feel like this what about my wedding day?” I concluded that it was obvious I would pass out when that day came. As my name was called out to receive my Bachelor’s Degree, my smile lit up the whole dome.

One year down the line and I recently got to attend my second graduation. This time I was just as happy. This time it was much simpler, yet quite significant in my academic journey. This celebration was different and a breath of fresh air with many saying “Finally we can breathe again.” Who wouldn’t feel relieved to have finished the dreaded Bar exams and to have done so successfully. Who wouldn’t feel as grateful as we did on that fine morning, knowing many others had been left behind and were yet to attempt another try at this fierce exams with hope of finally passing the Bar.

The feeling that I got that morning as I walked into the graduation square was obviously joy but the one that dominated my heart was that one of being thankful. I was thankful to God for the far that He had brought me from. The journey had been bittersweet for me and I could feel mixed reactions in me as I remembered how long and gruesome it had been. The challenges had been numerous and the threat of not seeing the final lap were forever looming in the shadows. I thought for a while how I surely would not have been with God through it all. I surely would not have been standing here today.
I for a second did not see how this graduation would be mine as the days of my life as a law student were unfolded before me, all I saw was God. I could not help but be so grateful for His unfailing love, support, encouragement, faithfulness, provision, wisdom and all that I had been to get here. I looked up to the skies and mouthed silently to Him “This is yours God”. On that joyous day I celebrated my dear heavenly Father and gave Him thanks as I dedicated the day to Him.

My fellow learned friend’s found me standing outside the graduation square with a big smile and thoughtful look. They laughed and told me, “We did it”.


I could not help but smile as I hugged them. One would have seen us then smiling and been deceived the journey in the previous year had been as easy but that could not have been further from the truth. On such days no one ever tells the tales of cold mornings and late evenings hidden at one of the rooms in the school, studying away together and discussing the concepts that were not so easy to grasp once taught. No one told of the many days of despair and discouragement when the journey seemed too hard to bear. No one told of the many times we had confessed to each other the difficulty of the units we tackled and a regret of having selected this profession. Yet in all those deep, discouraging, tough moments the constant factor that remained and saw us through was God. He never stopped pushing us even if it meant out of our zones, He never stopped encouraging us and never for a second forgot to tell us our future was bright despite the obvious state of that current moment.

So God cheers, this is to you and I owe it all to you.


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