My Eulogy


One thing that I have never taken a soft spot to is the cliché aspects of life events. This has always left a desire in me to do my things differently and one of them is write my eulogy for my funeral. Though I appreciate the kind and thoughtful words that people eulogize someone with, I am indifferent about them because they do not reflect the truth of the one lying on that casket. It is with this that at the very onset I desired to write my own eulogy that people can relate with and reflect my truth, here goes.

I have searched for the right words and way to say this but there is clearly never a right time, way or word to say goodbye .All I pray is that you may hear this message, knowing from my heart I always wish you well even when I am gone.
I look forward to opening a new chapter in my next life, a chapter in which I will put to rest my sorrows and grief and a chapter in which from the current chapter I will only carry with me the beautiful and cherished moments that we created.
Moving forward is rarely achieved without utter sorrow and grief but I find solace in the fact that in that new sunrise, you will dare to hope again, try again smile again, learn again, love again and most absolutely live again.
I am not worried about you for I know you will be fine and content to move on for the joy of our Lord Jesus that is your strength in this time will not give you a chance to wallow in sadness forever at my passing.
As I leave and open that new chapter one truth is candid, success and laughter have I always wished you, now and forever.
I cannot forget to say thank you for the seasons of my life that I had the pleasure to share with you. These truly made my life worth living and highlight of my life’s journey.
If there is a lasting memory I would like you to be left with of me is when I smiled sincerely and said I loved you.
As, I finish this and make my final exit in this physical world, always know that I loved you, I love you and will always love you until we meet again.


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