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It has been 26 years now since I came into this world with you. The journey from our mother’s womb has been an exciting one. In a few days we will be celebrating yet another new year together. I have thought of the many gifts that I can give you and yes they are many, yet my writing you this piece seems to make the most sense to me as my writing is not just words but a part of me, a part that I would like to share with you. So today allow me to be the first to pray you a happy birthday come Monday and offer you a birthday gift famously known as a blog piece.

twiny on grass

Let me start by saying that you have been my best friend and confidant on top of being my twin. You have been my most favourite person in the world everyday and I like being your twin. In each and every single day, I look forward to talk to you and discuss all manner of things. Some have been crazy and out of this world. It just goes to show the depth of our friendship.

twiny 1

The Word of God says he who finds a wife finds a good thing yet I have come to learn one who finds a true friend in this life finds a better thing. You are that for me. A true friend, in all the days that I have spent with you here on earth.

twiny 2

One may find it odd that I call you friend when you are my twin and sister thus an obvious fact, when truly blood is not always a determinant to a great friendship. I have been a great beneficiary of your kindness, compassion, mercy, love, loyalty and trust. You have believed in me even when I could not believe in my own ability. You have held me down in faith in circumstances that I had disclosed to you my doubt. You have loved me even when i was unlovable and annoying, you have always been there in good and bad times your support in both astounding. You have listened to my sins and mistakes without a hint of judgment yet was very kind and loving when you corrected me on the same.

twiny 3

You have desired my good even when I did not desire it for myself. You have been firm with me in decisions and held your ground when i was being subjective. You have fiercely fought for me even in my absence. You have been nothing but an amazing twin, woman, friend and person in the 26 years that I have known you. You are a precious gem Naomi Nzioka.

 twiny last

All the memories of our shared life I have locked behind steel bars where no one can steal them away. These memories and moments have been the essence of my life as a twin and one day I will immortalize them in a book that I shall name ‘being a twin to Naomi Nzioka’..To love someone and find true love has been overrated and misconstrued in its meaning. Knowing you has made me realise true love is not always found in a man or woman but a dear friend who loves you unconditionally and share with you their life in its entirety while feeling safe to do so also. What a delightful thought to know you have been this person to me.

twiny viso

I have met many people since I was born. They have been from all walks of life and cultures. I have laughed loudest with some while with others traveled the world, i have shared my life with others, been acquainted to a few others, cried in the hands of others, my heart shattered by others while another touching my heart deeply. I have toiled with others as I remained silent with others. I have loved the Lord with others and worshiped Him. I have made friends with others and others welcomed in my life to be part of me. Despite all the people I have met, you have remained to be the best person I have ever met. If I never have to meet other people in my life again then am content as I have already met the best person in this world.

twiny on bill board

Today I take this opportunity to pray you a HAPPY BIRTHDAY from the depths of my heart. In your new year I decree and declare that no one will be able to stand against you as long as you live for the Lord God will be with you. I decree and declare that the Lord will go before you and level the mountains as He smashes down the gates of bronze and cut through bars of iron. He shall give you treasures hidden in darkness. I decree and declare that your town and fields will be Blessed. Your union will be Blessed. Your fruit of labour shall be Blessed. In whatever you do or where ever you go will be Blessed. I decree and declare the Lord will conquer your enemies when they attack you. I decree and declare that the Lord has guaranteed a blessing on everything you do and will fill your storehouse with grain. I decree and declare that you will lend to many nations but you will never need to borrow from them. I decree and declare you shall remain to be the head and never the tail. I decree and declare that as you continue to obey the commands of our loving Father, He will establish you in a manner men shall stand in awe of you. I decree and declare in this New Year before us, all I have said shall be so because we know our God who calls us by our names. This is my humble prayer for your new year.

twiny swimin

Yours always




10 thoughts on “DEAR TWINY

  1. 🙂 🙂 Thank you Twiny for the lovely post on me.I appreciate you and love you so much.You are the best and God knows the bond we have.Happy birthday in advance to you too my lovely twiny.I declare and decree you will be favored of the most high God.I love you to infinity.Hugs and kisses.

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  2. i hve personally loved this piece. Ruthie thank you. I am just wondering…#on a lighter note: “i think i need a lifetime with her to say the same or even more of the words you have expressed in this piece”. But all i can say is that i am a witness to everything said.

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  3. Ruth Nzioka…..That piece is aweeeeeeeeesomest….You two are inseparable and as a big Siz I am a witness to the bond you two share.May that bond never be broken in the mighty name of Jesus……You always make me wish I had a twin also…..


  4. This remains my most favorite post.Thank you for the lovely words.I declare and decree you shall be highly favoured of the Lord in all you do and every where you will go.I love you twiny.


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