From poverty to royalty

rags to richesprinces

Imagine having to live in total poverty and lack. Living from hand to mouth. Struggling to get everything in life, even something as simple as a seat in a bus. Imagine being a no body and always being the one who has to say “Habari Mkubwa (Hello Boss)”.Imagine being invisible and never remembered. Imagine suffering day in and out to a point you get used to it and it becomes your second name. “Hello, what’s your name?” “My name is Miss Hopeless suffering”. Imagine having to repeat the same unfortunate circumstances every new day. It is quite tiring and makes someone be like a zombie.

Now imagine being taken from that one day and told “Are you Miss Hopeless Suffering?” “Yes that’s me”. “Well today is your lucky day, for from today you will be living in the palace of the king and your new name is Princess”. Obliviously your reaction will be “You got to be kidding me. Who even are you?” Right? “I am not kidding and what i say is true as from this moment. In fact the limousine is waiting for you outside”. This is all so surreal. What is happening here you wonder. Okay, it is common knowledge you hate the way you have been living, like seriously.

Then here comes this guy from god knows where claiming you are a princess. Scratch that, you have always been a princess and you never knew all along. Crazy,right? So you stand there and wonder whether this is the joke of the century and contemplate whether you will go with him. Your life is already as pathetic as it can get in fact, he just found you sleeping on the pavement near your once-was home. You really have nothing to lose if you go with him anyway so you jump in the limousine and ask if they have something to eat and voila they have foods you only read about in the magazines.

Could this be real? You wonder silently. You end up concluding that maybe you are mistaken identity but decide to milk the opportunity while it lasts until the right princess is found. You however make an honest prayer to God that it is not soon or even better, never! You hear yourself laugh evilly inside you as you say a quiet thank you to him for, He even remembers people of your kind. You didn’t know that. You get to the castle and you have never seen such a big place in your life. With every step you take you are in awe at its beauty and the only thing you can think of is “I don’t deserve this. I don’t deserve this. I have done nothing.” It is really so overwhelming for you, you cannot even hold a folk properly let alone ride the lovely horse they offer you for your leisure.

A few years down the line, the rightful owner never showed and neither have you ever got the hang of this new lifestyle. You got to admit it’s a bit overwhelming. It requires a total change of attitude and learning to get used to it. How did Kate hack it so easy? As you wonder deeply in the well manicured garden, the king himself joins you that quiet afternoon. “My daughter, a penny for your thoughts?” You smile warmly as you look at Him. You decide to take up the opportunity and ask the curious questions that you have been harbouring for a long time.

“Your grace, may my question not offend you. Why all these? What have i done to deserve it? Who even am i to have such a grand opportunity?” He smiles lovingly as He looks at you “Oh my sweet child. You deserve it all for it was yours all along. After accepting my son who i gave just for you to get it all, it was just waiting for you. I have tried to tell you since you were born and i have pursued you to give it to you but each time you didn’t hear me. On that day that you were brought here, i had sent my beloved to convince you. He pursued you aggressively until you finally said yes. I was so happy to see you walk in that day.”

“Oh my. You mean you knew me all along? I was so alone. I never thought i was even significant. I have always been a no body, ask my friends” you say with a tear dropping down your cheek. “I am sorry my child. You just did not know. I see your wondering heart on the possibility of having all these. Please fret not for all these you see before you, is yours without a doubt. It is yours for the taking. The only thing i need to know my dear child do you believe?”He says as He stands and walks away. Do i believe? A question that you have never thought about .And in that moment you meditate on its meaning and the honest answer.

I just gave an account of my own real personal story and that of many others. All my life i have been a pauper in every possible way. Life was not only meaningless but worthless. Waking up was a torment because i knew what the new day would look like. Hopeless! On that fine day the Holy Spirit’s conviction of my soul gave way and i gave my life to Jesus, my glorious prince of peace and saviour. It was life changing and just so amazing i cannot find the appropriate words to describe it.

As exciting as it was though the life change was drastic. I mean all i had known was defeat, hopelessness and basically living like a zombie for that’s what we are without Jesus. Then all of a sudden I am informed i belong to the God family, of a royal priesthood and chosen generation, I own immeasurable riches and on top of that i get to become powerful in a manner that is dubbed supernatural in this world, all for His glory? I mean who would not be astounded by such immense news and even doubt. How is that even possible? I have never been a person of interest and significance yet He says I am and that He even knew my name before i was born. This is mind boggling.

Fine i get to settle in into this truth, the only problem is upon cross examination of myself, there was only one problem that was brought to my attention by the one who searches our heart’s, disbelieve? See the word of the Lord clearly says in 2 Corinthians 8:9 that “for ye know the grace of our Lord Jesus Christ, that, though he was rich, yet for your sakes he became poor, that through his poverty might be rich”. This means that i may chose to accept it or refuse it, the choice is basically mine.

I posed to think about it. How many times in my life have i said “You are healed in Jesus name” and yet not believed the same as i did it? Really is it true that cancer, cancer can be healed and you are found cancer free? How many times have i said “i will not lack school fees because God is the provider” yet i cry how i am sure i will do re-sit exam this semester for lack of school fees? Where is my belief? How many times have i said God is my protector, yet in the next i opted to buy a gun for my protection? How many times have i said i will not worry because God has my case yet, in the very next minute i cry how i am in a hopeless situation? How many of us have said in God’s time He will give us  a good husband or wife yet all it took was the next person that walked in your life? Your excuse? God was really delaying in bringing him or her and anyway He might have forgotten so let you take on this matter. And so much more.

In all this while none of us including myself stopped to examine the sincerity of our hearts when we said we believe in Jesus and all His rich promises and glory. I did and i admit i have not been a true believer despite loving Him sincerely. How hopelessly the angels look at us from heaven. We have been given everything we need and desire yet we still insist on living a life of struggle and unnecessary suffering for we do not believe it is possible to be taken from our poverty into new riches by virtue of being a prince and a princess a child of the most High God, owner of the whole universe. You can only imagine what you can ask for if you believed and claimed what is rightfully yours. For instance “God give me America during my birthday next month” .hahahhahahaha “but all in accordance with your will my gracious father”.

Upon realizing this and my ever curious questions, i had to interrogate my loving Father who is the King. “Okay, fine. You got me. I don’t believe. Guess what though daddy, i have always been poor. I do not even know how to use forks properly. Why are they even so many on the table? Father this is all i have known all my life. How to be poor. How does one who acquires such wealth suddenly react behave or use it. How does one live like the rich person they are? I sincerely do not know how to.

Teach me Father. Teach me how to know this is mine and claim it. Teach me how to use it. Teach me how to trust you when i have never trusted anyone. Teach me the truth of my inherent success which is not circumstantial. Teach me how not to be afraid. Teach me how to exercise my power. Teach me how to live by your every word. My awesome God, teach me how to believe in all these and trust Your word and its every promise upon my life.”

Yours truly,

Daughter  and princess of the Most High God and King.



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