Hey Fries and chicken,

Just look at you. That diverse colour, rich taste, great aroma bittersweet sweetness and best of all great taste. There are many temptations that come my way everyday but i must admit, you are the  one temptation that i deal with every single day, MANY TIMES. Oh look it’s Friday, how about we meet later on after work and maybe just catch up on how you have been. I promise not to bite you, just to have a decent conversation,where you tell me how you enjoy being eaten, with vinegar or sauce or both as i take short notes on this important details.

 I must admit that you are my weakness. I even fantasize of how if i was to given a gift, that it is you.Imagine one big you for me to eat for the rest of my lifetime. I could not ask for anything more. You remain the ultimate dream for my mouth.

 The other day i walked by a fast food joint and saw other people munching you away. I looked at them through the mirror as i envied their accomplishment at that moment, i had to walk away with sorrow in my heart as i am not allowed to eat you every day, least you become the death of me. However, i promise you will be my reward after a couple of days, despite my wanting to eat you every single day.

 I always thought i was the only one who loved you but i was surprised you had other lovers, guess you must be a darling to many. Nothing beats you and fried chicken. Don’t forget our date after work. I promise to be on time. Take a look at what others had to say.

 Your Number one eater and fan,

Ruth Fries.

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