Brief moments, a few personal choices and a handful of people leave lasting impressions on who we become. This is quite subtle most times and one may not get to realize their influence in your live unless you sit down and evaluate your life. The moments, choices and people are both bitter and sweet. This is because there may be positive and negative aspects in these areas that have greatly affected us along our life’s journey. We are to identify the special ones and celebrate them while dealing with unsettled issues in the bad ones. This makes the difference on how we move forward in our lives. This will be to one’s surprise the peace that they have been seeking and get to finally understand what they need to change or settle into a more fulfilled life.

The first time i was introduced to this exercise i was unaware of the excitements and challenges that i had, had as i never really posed to look at my life that way. As i took on this exercise i realized two things: my achievements/successes and my  failures/pains/challenges that the three aspects have brought about in my life. I did not realize how much pain i had carried in me all those years and how each time i would remember the pain, i would seek to run or hide from it so as to not deal with it. As usual hidden pain has a way of coming up at the most inconvenient time. I did not stop to celebrate my victories instead i kept pushing myself to do more and more without being grateful for any success. In all these i did not see that knowing myself better allowed me to live with greater confidence and purpose.

Today i would like to share with you this exercise and share two of each in my life and hope it makes a difference in your life as you evaluate your life moments, choices and people. Here goes:

1.8 Moments; what are 8 defining moments in your life and how have their impacted your life? The answers are to range from positive moments to negative moments.

Moments in life that i have captured under lock and key. A single moment that is forever put behind bars in our minds. One such great moment was when i stood in front of many different nations and stated the case for Kenya as its representative on that international platform. In that moment i knew i nothing can stop you from living your dreams.

When i watched as my best friend and family mourn the death of a beloved brother and dear mother consecutively is a moment i would love to erase from my memory. I have never known such deep sorrow and hopeless situation.

2.6 Choices; what are 6 critical Choices that you have made in your life that have shaped your life both in a good and bad way?

My dress, my choice was a popular slogan a while back and so is ever other choice in our lives our own. One of my life defining choice giving my life to Jesus Christ as my personal saviour. My life has never been the same again. It has continued to shape and define the woman i am today.

Being young makes one believe that they know it all and one’s choices are never wise. The choice i made in falling in love when it was not in God’s time, will and to the wrong person is not positively guided.

3.4 People; who are the 4 key people that have shaped your life up until this moment?

When a person identifies what has affected them in their life, it begins to lose power over them as what is brought to light can no longer haunt them in the dark. When someone embraces who they are, they will make wise choices and think less of what others think of them. It is worthy to note that even as we keep moving along our life’s journey, it will not necessarily be free of pain and difficulty, but one will find stability as they travel on their way having dealt with these three issues. It would be a lie to say one can achieve this without the help and guidance of our ever present God who is full of a million chances and only one capable of turning any mess into a message.

How blessed is one who is surrounded by great counsel and love. My family with my twin topping the list have never ceased to stop shaping my life. The principles they instilled in me, support and example they have set for me is amazing. It’s no secret those people who have shaped my life most are those that believed in me even when i did not.

Well there goes my short list, it’s your turn. 🙂



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