Many times in our individual lives we continuously live our lives without the need to stop and evaluate how far we have come and if what we have been doing was meaningful. The lack of evaluation is not necessarily out of ignorance but just life happening too fast. See in life, we are always overtaken by events. Every once in a few years i always find myself having to stop and access myself, my growth, my progress or lack of it and so much more. A new beginning is rarely commenced without a struggle as comfort is always easier to go back to. It however remains a necessary step to take despite this struggle. My recent need for transition was triggered by a simple question ‘What matters most in this life?’

I am at the point in my life where this question is constantly asked by I. In my pursuit of getting an answer to this question, i have read a couple of books and questioned a few scholars. The self motivational books that i stumbled upon were insightful and yet did not offer an answer to my  question. They all kept saying how it all begins with me and that what matters most is ultimate success defined in terms of wealth or achieving your uttermost self. I still did not feel satisfied or content with these answers as deep within me i felt that there’s got to be more to life. I mean after ultimate success of wealth or self then what?

The one book that has sure answers for me has always been the word of God, the Bible. It has answers to everything. I knew at the end of the day i would end up reading it as it is the word of truth and that’s where i made my last stop not because i did not know this already but because i first wanted to hear what the world had to say. I sought advice from King Solomon for he was the wisest man on earth. His advice in Ecclesiastes was not only an eye opener but a confirmation that what we chase on earth is all meaningless as this world and everything in it is passing away. How meaningless life is when i think of it this way.

In light of this what then matters most? Is it then that i was created to just live the days allocated to me and die and that’s the end of it? Surely how pathetic is this? I should have never been born then. Money, success, achievements and all that we pursue in this life while it lasts, end just at that, death. All these discoveries were not heart warming to me but disturbing. I felt tormented and sick. I did indeed question my being born and the time i was wasting living on earth. This was obviously not the end of my pursuit to find out what matters most in this life. Surely there’s got to be more to life i just didn’t know what it was at that moment.

My curious self having read all that i could get my hands on, took me to God. I set out to question Him on why He would do this to us. We are never to question God obviously for He is God.However His merciful and loving self saw me coming and smiled as He got ready to answer my simple question. When i arrived at His throne i was a bit tired from the journey so i rested a little as He watched me. He was kind to ask whether i was tired and i said indeed. He smiled lovingly as He said “Come let me give you rest.”I was only too glad to receive this.

“So now to the reason why i am here. What’s the deal God? Why were we created if we are to die and leave all our achievements and success behind? God why is life so meaningless?”i asked sincerely. He gave me that look of ‘how much you do not know’ but not in any single moment did He get angry for my question. “Come here” He said. I struggled to climb His leg that was miles and miles to his lap. He laughed at my struggle as He picked me up and placed me on His lap. He has a very big hand i must say. Once settled, He begun the story in His amazing movie voice.

“Long long ago before the earth was created, I existed. I looked around and there was nothing. That’s when we created the world which was formless. We made it to be beautiful a home. We then  said to ourselves, let us make man in our image. Man was to live in the world and enjoy it as we had fellowship with him. But on one unfortunate day, satan came and deceived man and made him fall. He fell short of My glory and I was forced to cast Him out. You see from the very beginning i gave man power to live just like Us and rule over the world but on that day he lost this to satan and was reduced to what he became. I was very sad on that day. I had such a great plan for man but right in front of my eyes he lost it.” “oh my”. “I looked at them that day and my heart went out to them. So hopeless as they stood in front of me. I loved them so much and could not imagine them being lost forever. I knew i would give them a saviour but i had to pay a huge price as it was going to be my own son” “Why would you do that Lord. Were they even worth it?” “I loved them and I am the one who chose them first not them me. I chose to save them with the blood of my son. And then we would be reunited again.”

“What a loving God you are” i said as i shed a tear thinking how so not worth it i was but He still chose all of us. He wiped my tears as He continued the story “You see, for man to be restored to his greatness and for him to be re-united with Us and continue living with us, he has to accept the act of my son for his life and confess his sins. It is through my son that my great divine plan and purpose is found. It is in Him that you find meaning. It is Him you need to understand that what matters most is being re-united with us through Him. Your time on earth is spent for only a short time to give you an opportunity to accept my son as your saviour so that when you die we are re-united as i made you to last forever not the few years on earth. The day you die is not your last but only the beginning of your eternity.”

“Oh my God, this is too heavy for my little to bear and yet so great. Lord i have lived hopelessly as if am a zombie for life has seemed to me as meaningless” i said as i cried out of both gladness and amazement. “My dear child, your life does indeed remain meaningless as you pursue what the world defines as success but only gains meaning and purpose the moment you accept my son as your personal saviour and confess your sins. That is the day you stop being on earth and start living as you are supposed to, with purpose. It is that simple my child.” “Oh Lord these are such great news. It was not so simple for me to understand and thank you” “Ask my child and it shall be given, seek and you shall find. I am just doing that” He said with a big smile. “Thank you my Lord, how great and wonderful you are. Look at the time Lord, i must be going although i would love to stay here with you. May i?” “No my child, you know this, now go tell the rest who do not know this yet” “Most obliged My Lord. Please put me down there so i go” i said as i looked at the ground below”.

“Say hi to everyone in heaven for me” i said as i started to walk. “Wait my child.” “Yes i turned looking at Him. “Now that you seek and hunger to know your life’s purpose, when you return you shall receive a book called ‘the Purpose Driven Life’ by my servant who i allowed to write this revelation called Rick Warren and to understand what success means a book by a Ugandan pastor called David Musooli known as ‘Making Success out of your Failures’. Success defined in his book is my definition of what true success is. Do read these books and remember I am always with you.”

I was not only happy as i left His presence but richly edified. My life was never going to be the same again with this revelation. I was going to redefine every aspect of my life to be in line with my true purpose of being on earth. My question ’What matters most?’ in this life was candidly answered. It has always been about God from the get go. He is what matters the most. Thank you Lord for your great plan for our lives. My days of living hopelessly came to an end. I truly can’t wait to start living for real when i finally die and go home.




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